Tips for Recording Voice-Overs

by | Jan 11, 2022

      • Did you know that we have a sound booth at Transformation Marketing? We primarily use it to record voice-overs for commercials and radio ads. Whether you’re managing the controls or reading the scripts, here are some tips from the experts to ensure that you get the best sounding results! 

        What is a Voice-Over?

        A voice-over is a person speaking, but not seen, during a video or radio ad. They’re oftentimes describing, explaining, or highlighting. Having a good-quality voice-over is important because no one is going to stick around to listen to bad audio. Difficult-to-understand audio will only leave your audience confused and frustrated. 

        Set-Up/Control Tips

        • Position the Mic in the Right Place – Each mic will give a slightly different sound, so before you start recording, test out which mic you like the best. Once you find the mic that you like, you’ll want the mic to be 8-12 inches from the reader. This distance should be close enough to pick up a clear sound, but not too loud. 
        • Use a Music Stand – Using a music stand will help the reader stay in the right position and stand-up straight. Plus, it’ll minimize the background noises of rustling papers. 
        • Use a Pop Filter – Pop filters help protect against plosive sounds. Additionally, pop filters can also be used to position the speakers at the correct distance. If you place a pop filter at the halfway point between the mic and the reader, it’ll be easier for the reader to judge 4-6 inches away rather than 12 inches.
        • Have a Copy of the Script – It’ll take more than one run, so it’s a good idea to take notes of which takes sound good and which don’t. 

        Reader’s Tips

        • Have a Good Posture – Good posture while speaking will help you maintain good breath support and make it easier for you to speak clearly and strongly. 
        • Drink Water – Stay hydrated with water. If your mouth gets dry, you’ll likely make weird mouth noises like smacking and clicking that will distract from the message.
        • Speaking is Not the Same As Talking – Speaking into a mic is not natural. Make sure each word is understandable. Talk at a steady pace that is easy for the listener to follow. 
        • Warm-up Your Voice – Warming up your voice before recording will help stretch your vocal cords and clear your throat. This will put less strain on your vocal cords and will help you extend your range more comfortably. 
        • Review the Script – Look over the script before you go live. You’ll likely have better run-throughs if you know what to expect. And you know what they say, practice makes perfect! 
        • Take Notes – In the same sense, mark up the script if you need to. Maybe there’s a phrase that needs to be reworded or you need a pronunciation reminder, don’t be afraid to add those notes to the script. 

        Closing Thoughts

        Voice-overs may seem like a simple task, but there really is more to it than you may think. If you’re ready to get your voice-overs recorded, reach out to us and we can get a time scheduled! Give us a call at Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.

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