illustration of white box with gold packaging exploding open with twinkling magical stars

I’m the first to admit that I L-O-V-E a pretty package. There’s no sense in denying it, so I won’t even bother.


THAT PERSON that all the marketing peeps around the world pander to because they know I’ll probably fall for it.

But, you know what else I also love? High quality products. Great prices. Amazing customer service. Oh, also…did I mention high quality products? Because let’s face it…once it’s all said and done, it’s ultimately the product that I’m left to contend with (and don’t even get me started on crazy, whacked out return processes…we’ll cover that annoyance another time).

Now…back to the topic at hand. The packaging and the product.

Due to living in the country (aka, basically the middle of nowhere), online ordering just works for me. Especially when I’m in the midst of an 80 hour week, or when the weather is crappy, or when I simply can’t face one.more.trip. to Target (I can’t believe I just said that). Amazon Prime and Prime Pantry are my best friends and, don’t get me wrong…I adore seeing those boxes piled up on my front porch.





However, there are some packages that, upon their arrival, make me just a little bit happier because they’re pretty packages (I know. I’m vain. I’ve already said I was “THAT PERSON”. Let’s just move on, now, shall we?). Sometimes the packages are deceivingly simple on the outside – reminiscent of Prime Packaging – but then open up to a lovely, happy, blue and white gingham checkered pattern. If you’ve ever ordered anything from Bath & Body Works, you know what I mean.










The very same goes for packaging from Stitch Fix…








…and Boll and Branch (a company I’d never heard of until my husband got me some of their incredibly amazing sheets for Valentine’s Day)…












…and even from this new company called Billie that I discovered not too long ago.












So, basically, what it all boils down to is this…during the entire massive, stressful crunch that IS the creative process, someone took the time to take a step back and say, “hey, we know our product is the bomb and our customer service is out of this world, but let’s take this just a step further and cover the inside of our shipping boxes with a lovely pattern and/or some catchy phrases because, why not? If it makes the smile on our customers’ faces just a little bit brighter, that’s the goal, right?”

Now, if your product is – at best – something that could – on a good day – be described by the “meh” emoji, don’t expect me to be jumping and down with joy just because it arrived in a cute box. It will go in the trash and, being the hormonally driven person that I am, will forevermore leave a sour taste in my mouth along with a perpetual scowl on my face every time I think about what it was that you sent me.

If, however, your product really is the bomb dot com AND it comes in catchy packaging, you can be assured that I’ll hang on to those boxes – for storage purposes, for carting stuff around in my car, or even for wrapping presents in to gift to others…all of which keeps your brand front and center in my eyes. And that’s what we’re ultimately going for, right?


**Please note: no gain – monetary or otherwise – was received by the writer from the brands featured in this blog….except for some pretty awesome products that arrived in some pretty awesome packaging!!!

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