TM - Popular Online Marketing Ads and Why They WorkedThe internet is full of advertisements. Some ads miss the mark, while others inspire consumers to make purchases and spread the word. Check out the most popular online ads and see why they worked. Then use some of the same strategies to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Google – “Year in Search”

Google created its first “Year in Search” ad in 2009, and it has continued with this campaign. The video ad has a simple format. It takes the most popular searches over the course of a year and brings them to life. In 2018, the word “good” was the focus of the ad. People searched that word more than any year prior, and the video is filled related to searches and images.

This ad provides an excellent reminder of how people depend on the search engine to get their news and information, and that Google is an important part of their lives. It also illustrates that Google cares about its customers by highlighting the searches and images that are important to them.

Taco Bell – “Web of Fries”

Taco Bell’s “Web of Fries” ad might be one of the most creative videos ever made. The faux movie trailer follows Josh Duhamel as he uncovers the conspiracy that prevented Taco Bell from offering fries to its customers. With Duhamel’s help, the chain was finally able to add fries to its menu.

This ad works because it’s highly entertaining and does an excellent job of announcing the addition of fries to the Taco Bell menu. By the time the video ends, you can’t help but crave some fries from Taco Bell.

Ikea – “Pee Ad”

The “Pee Ad” is one of the most bizarre ads in recent history, and also one of the most successful. The headline of the advert read, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.” Talk about an attention grabber.

The ad doubled as a pregnancy test. People were encouraged to take the test, and if it came up positive, it would then show a discount for cribs.

This ad made quite a splash due to its ingenuity. Nothing like it had ever hit the market before, and it generated lots of buzz. It also helped the company bring people into its stores and sell cribs.

Nike – “Dream Crazier”

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” ad campaign stars Serena Williams. Williams urges women to stand up against gender bias in sports. The ad was an instant hit and surely inspired countless girls and women to reach their goals.

This ad was such a hit because it speaks to an issue that is important to many people. It doesn’t just market Nike products. It promotes a cause and inspires people.

Burger King – “Whopper Detour”

Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” ad is proof that sometimes a little bit of trolling is all an ad campaign needs to take off. Burger King created this ad campaign to promote its mobile app, and the concept was simple. People needed to download the app to grab a 1-cent Whopper coupon. There was a catch, though. They could only get the coupon when they were close to a McDonald’s. The ad received 3.5 billion impressions and generated a 37-to-1 ROI.

It worked for a couple of reasons. First, of course, the 1-cent coupon generated lots of interest. It also worked by adding a little healthy competition into the mix by making McDonald’s an unwitting participant in the campaign.

Create Your Own Viral Ad Campaign

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