Besides the products and services it offers, marketing is crucial to the success of a company. That’s why, when it comes down to it, deciding between outsourcing a marketing agency to handle all marketing related tasks or hiring a team to do the work in-house is an important decision. Both have their pros and cons, but as a marketing company, we have a clear opinion (that may or may not be biased). Some of the major factors that make outsourcing more desirable are the cost, the time it can save, and the experience and new perspective it can bring to your business.

Hiring new staff members for your business is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you have to hire an entire department of professional marketers. Although the costs differ from agency to agency and depend on the work that needs to be done, typically a business can hire an entire team of experts at a marketing agency to help fulfill their marketing needs at the same cost, if not less, than the cost of hiring one full-time marketing executive to do the work in-house.
People always say that time is money, and it’s especially true in marketing. We mentioned that hiring a marketing team and organizing a marketing department is time-consuming, but there are more factors that you may not have considered. You don’t have to take the time to grow and develop the marketing department and oversee/manage campaigns. By outsourcing a marketing agency, you are hiring a highly skilled team who already knows the ins and outs of marketing. Yes, it may take a small fraction time for them to familiarize themselves with your product, service, or company in general, but hiring an agency allows new perspective and fresh, out-of-the-box-ideas.

Another advantage of using an agency is that you have access to a team of people with an incredibly diverse skill set. At an agency, you get access to experts in different fields that you wouldn’t typically get if you may not get from hiring a few individuals to work in-house. For example, at Transformation, we have different employees who specialize in social media, videography, website development, graphic design, and more. Plus, most of our team members possess plenty of other hidden talents that they bring to the table to make your marketing tactics more interesting and more successful. Regardless of the current size or success of your  company, Transformation is the right place to start, expand, or amplify your marketing process!

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