New Sitelink Extentions Feature on Google AdWords

by | Jun 26, 2013

Sitelinks are a great way to offer Google searchers even more ways to visit your website. With a recent update advertisers can now enhance their ads on Google even more. In today’s blog post we will discuss the new update to Sitelink Extensions as well as discuss some frequently asked questions about Sitelinks.

Why Aren’t My Sitelinks Showing?
Sitelink Extensions don’t cost any extra money to show with your ad. It is a great way to take up some extra screen real estate, making your ad much more visbile. However, not all advertisers are able to use Sitelinks. The reason is because Google does not allow Sitelink Extensions below the third position. The so called “premium” top listings are not only clicked more often, they are also much more noticeable because they can make use of Ad Extensions like Sitelinks as well as other extensions.

New Sitelink Descriptions
With the new Sitelink Extensions advertisers can help searchers understand exactly what they are clicking on. In addition it offers advertisers more ways to add valuable keywords to their ads. Attract more clicks to your ads by adding more incentives about your product or services. Click the link below to see an example of the new Sitelinks.

Click here to see the new Sitelink Extension update.

Getting Top Listings on Google AdWords
To be listed at the top of the Google paid listings you must do two things. First you must have a strong bid, one cent above the other advertisers. The second thing you must do to get listed at the top of Google is to have a high Quality Score. Your Quality Score can be improved by adjusting things like keyword structure, ad/keyword relevance, and a high click through rate. If all of that is Greek to you, then give us a call today to learn how we can enhance your paid search campaign on Google AdWords.

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