New Instagram Features & Trends

Instagram never fails to surprise us! Over the past year, Instagram has enhanced the user experience, improved business tools, and added new ways to support your favorite brands. Since they’ve rapidly been rolling out new Instagram features and functionalities almost every month, it’s hard to keep up with the changes! We put together a list of the most recently added features that you might not know how to use or trends that you don’t know about. Keep reading to find out what’s new…


New Instagram Features and Trends


  1. Instagram Shop

    In 2020, Instagram introduced the Instagram Shop, which allowed users to discover products and browse shops from the app. This new addition is beneficial for businesses because they can now tag and link their products in their pictures, which makes the purchasing process much easier. 

  2. Instagram Reels

    We all know that TikTok took over the world last year! Gen Zs weren’t the only ones on the app; Millenials and even some of the older generations were taking part in the fun, too. Instagram took note and created its own short-form video feature called Instagram Reels. It’s perfect for short attention spans, and the videos are easy to share across accounts. Brands jumped in also while using reels by showcasing their products and services in a fun, exciting way. 

  3. Slide Decks

    Social slide decks, or carousel posts, are a new way to share information on Instagram and LinkedIn. Slide decks are a miniature form of a slideshow or infographic specially designed to be posted on social media. Rather than using just a single image post, slide decks allow users to communicate longer messages in a series of aesthetically pleasing images. They are easily shareable and have the added action of swiping through the pictures, which increases reach and engagement.

  4. Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories have been around for a while, but they have continually received updates with new features. You can now add stickers, question boxes, polls, music, and more. Stories are an entertaining and engaging way to quickly share what you’re up to without making a full post on your feed.

  5. Virtual Events

    We have all had our fair share of virtual events, conferences, and of course, Instagram Lives this past year. For brands, instead of hosting elaborate parties, they have opted to host live steam events. Even after social distancing, we think virtual events will stick because 1) location doesn’t matter, 2) it’s cost-effective and, 3) videos can be saved and shared on IGTV. This means that if you missed an event, you can always go back and watch it later. Earlier this year, Instagram also released Live Rooms, where you can go live with up to three people, which means we’ll be seeing more group talk shows and jam sessions!

  6. Microblogging

    We’ve seen an uptick in authenticity and originality in the type of content being posted nowadays, which leads us to believe that microblogging will only rise in its popularity. Creators are turning to storytelling to capture their audiences’ attention. Not only do longer captions mean people are spending more time reading your content, but it also encourages other people to leave a comment and share the post.

  7. Influencer Marketing

    Did you know that the influencer industry is set to hit $15 billion in 2022? With that in mind, we know that we will continue to see more and more influencer marketing on Instagram. Brands are turning to influencers to advertise their products because people are spending more time online, so it only makes sense to put their ad dollars there. We’ll likely see influencers pick up some of these other trends like Instagram Shop and Reels while promoting products.


Keep Up!

So much has changed in the last year, including Instagram! We’ve had a blast joining in on some of the fun while trying out these new features and trends. What Instagram features have you used? What features do you want to see next? We’re excited to see what Instagram has in store for us in the future!


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