Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by | Aug 8, 2019

small businessDid you know that 97 percent of consumers learn more about local businesses online than any other source? That means they are more likely to learn about your business during an online search than from a recommendation from a friend or a billboard. To reach their customer base, small business owners need to develop an online presence. Use these marketing tips to increase your business’s revenue stream.


Create a Consistent Brand Identity

Small business owners often make the mistake of having a muddled brand identity. They might use one logo on Facebook and another one on their website. They might even format their contact information differently such as listing their address as “Third Street” on one page and “3rd Street” on another. Develop your brand identity and make sure it’s consistent across all channels.


Create Buyer Personas

It’s impossible to develop a solid marketing plan without creating buyer personas first. Personas allow you to target your marketing efforts to the people who are most likely to buy your products or services. Consider your market’s demographics and their pain points. What problem are they trying to solve? Once you create buyer personas, you’ll be able to craft marketing content that speaks to their pain points and provides solutions to their problems.


Find the Best Keywords

After you have your buyer personas in place, it’s time to do a keyword research. Think about the keywords your customers use when searching for businesses like yours. You can use an online tool to find out what keywords your competitors are using as a starting point. Then branch out and find some additional keywords. Once you have your list, add the keywords to your website.


Create and Promote Amazing Content

Content marketing is a very powerful strategy for small business owners. You can use content to educate your customer base and encourage them to take action. Create engaging blog posts and then promote them. You can put these on your social media channels and then run ads to get more views.


Use Video Marketing

Videos can also help you promote your business. Create videos that demonstrate your products or services. You can also create explainer videos, which introduces the problem that consumers face and shows how your product or service is the solution. Explain how it works and include a call-to-action to get people to visit your business.


Claim Your Google My Business Listing

If you want to get local traffic, you need to claim your Google My Business listing. This free service allows you to create a listing that will display in Google Maps and searches. Your listing can also gather reviews that will help you attract more customers. Optimize your listing with keywords, so it displays when people look for businesses in your industry. After you create it, monitor the reviews. You want to gather as many positive reviews as you can, but negative reviews will likely pop up from time to time. Show people that you strive to satisfy every customer by addressing people with negative reviews. Look for solutions if possible. Even if you can’t provide a solution, potential customers will appreciate the effort.


Get in Front of Your Customers

The internet is full of potential customers who would be happy to find your business. Use these online marketing strategies to reach them, then provide each customer with quality services and ask for reviews. This will allow you to continue to build your online presence, so you can expand your reach even more.


Hire TM

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