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What’s your favorite social media platform? You know, the one you turn to for a few minutes (or hours…don’t worry, no judgment coming from this end of the blog) of mindless scrolling through posts and photos, cute-animal-antics-video-viewing, and the like.

Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest?

All of the above are my BIG 3. But I do like to toss in some SnapChat from time to time just to spice things up. Anyhow…

I would say that 99% of my social media viewing and interacting is done from my phone. It’s small, it’s portable, and it’s pretty much my constant companion when it comes to virtually all things related to:



  1. My work
  2. My work calendar
  3. Our family calendar
  4. Posting items to sell on eBay
  5. Purchasing items on eBay
  6. Purchasing items on Amazon
  7. Looking up movie times and purchasing tickets
  8. Making restaurant reservations
  9. Exploring wildly expensive exotic resorts that I’ll never have enough money to travel to
  10. Stalking my own children

Honestly, the list could go on, but I’ll stop at 10…it’s a good round number and doesn’t make me feel too terribly bad about my inherent attachment to an inanimate object.

Moving on…

When I do decide to “veg out” for a bit and scroll through Facebook (in particular), I find myself coming across a decent amount of ads. Most all of them are video/commercial type ads (that come with closed captioning so that I can watch them without being too conspicuous) and they’re virtually all hilarious which I sincerely appreciate.

But, you know what they also are? Informative. Innovative. Ingenious.


The bulk of the ads that I wind up seeing on social media are ones that probably wouldn’t get conventional airtime on TV anyway – many of them are what I would consider to be of the “startup” variety. They’re young, fledgling companies that are trying to make a go of things (ie, growing their business) without totally breaking the bank. They’ve created a product that they believe in and they’ve found a GREAT avenue to get the word out about their product…social media.

Because, when you’re waiting in the pick-up line at school, why wouldn’t you click on a link and take a personalized quiz on what hair color would work best for you? Or see what kind of razors you can get on the cheap that are just as good – or, frankly, better – than the super expensive ones you’re already buying at the drug store?

So, what does this all boil down to? Well, basically that marketing on social media really does work. Is it as flashy as a multi-million dollar commercial that airs on TV right smack dab in the middle of This Is Us? Well, no, but it’s also not something that the bulk of your audience has the ability to skip right past with the push of a button.

If marketing via social media is something that you’d like to know more about, why not give us a call? One of the great things (and trust me, there’s a lot!) about Transformation Marketing is that we’re able to design and implement a marketing strategy that works best for your business!

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