Instragram logo and social media graphicsDeciding which social network is best for business is a necessary part of constructing a social media campaign. For many businesses, it’s impossible to invest adequate resources into every conceivable social networking platform. Even many of the top companies throughout the world don’t have a presence on every major social media site. Instead, smart companies focus their limited resources on the social media platforms that best suit their brand and their customers. Like any other part of a successful media campaign, a social network platform needs to fit a business and its customers to be an effective means of communication. Today, we’ll talk about some of the factors to consider when deciding whether Instagram or Facebook is better for your business.

Each Social Network Is Unique

What many business owners fail to understand, to their detriment, is that each social networking platform is totally different from its colleagues. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are all unique platforms that have cultivated their own digital cultures and operate by their own rules. They also have their own styles that suit different businesses more than others.

Instagram tends to be a visual-heavy platform, meaning that pictures tend to leave the biggest mark. If your business is one whose products or services can be easily and attractively photographed, Instagram is built in your favor. On the other hand, Facebook is more information-dense and video-centric, meaning your business will get more attention with a well thought-out status and interesting video ads.

Type of Reach

Facebook has the most global users at over two billion individual accounts. This makes it a prime choice for spreading a brand name, especially when there’s no question of specific demographics. On the other hand, Instagram boasts over 800,000 individual users and is growing rapidly. Instagram also has more of an organic, communal reach than Facebook, giving it the leg up on powerful, direct advertisements.

Target Demographic

Instagram has a much younger population than Facebook. This sort of detail is vital to bear in mind as you construct your business’s social media advertising and public relations campaigns. Bear in mind who your target audience is, as they don’t all use the same social media platforms. While there’s certainly a wide degree of overlap when it comes to membership, different age groups spend more time on different social networks. Think about who most often uses your product or service. This is who you want to reach.

Your Style of Networking

You have to think about what style your business uses to communicate. If you’re interested in giving constant updates to your audience about what your business is doing, Facebook is probably the better option. Facebook users spend a bit more time reading and less time sight-seeing. However, if your communication style is built on visual flair rather than text, you’ll likely want to give Instagram a try. Instagram is all about building a visual atmosphere that gains credibility among its audience.

There is no single answer to the question of whether Instagram or Facebook is better for your business. Instead, deciding between the two involves considering your own business’s needs and practices, as well as the habits of your target audience. If you keep in mind where your audience is and what they’re after, you’ll help yourself figure out which social media platforms suit you and which might be a waste of resources. Once you’ve figured out where your audience is and how you want to talk to them, you’ll be able to decide which social network best enables you to connect with your customers.

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