Instagram Stories has revolutionized the social network. With Stories, brands can post videos and photos that disappear in 24 hours. Stories have high engagement and reach rates, and include some extra features that benefit brands. Discover how to utilize Instagram Stories for your marketing campaign.


Use Stickers

Instagram Stories has lots of tools that let you increase engagement, and stickers might be the best. You can add stickers to your stories when you upload them. There are a lot of stickers available, including stickers for the weather and your location. You can also use the polls sticker. It’s a great way to boost interaction on your account.

Starbucks provides an excellent example of how to use polls on Instagram Stories. It used Instagram Stories to poll users about which drink it was bringing back. Then, it revealed the answer with a photo of the S’mores Frap. This is a fun and exciting way to increase engagement while learning more about your audience.


Advertise With Canvas Ads

In 2017, Facebook announced that its Canvas ad format will be available for Instagram Stories. These immersive full-screen ads allow brands to bring stories to life. You can use GIFs, photos, and videos in your Canvas ads. Brands are already having lots of success when running Canvas ads in Instagram Stories.

LEGO is one such brand. It wanted to generate awareness for a new playset, so it ran the ads in Instagram Stories. The playset was more complicated than some others, so the brand used the ads to make it more accessible. The campaign was a success and provided a lower CPM and cost-per-click than other methods. Try these ads out to give your campaign a boost.


Host a Takeover

Influencer marketing is hot on Instagram. You can make use of this trend by hiring an influencer to take over your Instagram Stories account for a day. You’ll need to promote the takeover on Instagram Stories on your feed. Then, lots of people will tune in to see what the influencer does. There is an increased sense of urgency because the stories disappear in 24 hours.


Utilize the “Swipe Up” Feature

Instagram has made it easier for brands to sell on the site. Instagram Stories includes a “Swipe Up” feature. You can add a link to your post. Then, people will see it if they swipe up. This allows your brand to market your products without seeming too pushy. 


Post Tutorials

You can also use Instagram Stories to post tutorials. These posts are educational and engaging. Samsung is known for its tutorials on Instagram Stories. Its tutorial that shows how to take great photos with a Samsung Galaxy is just one example. The brand didn’t just teach people how to use its phones. It also included a call-to-action that asked people to share their photos using a specific hashtag. This helped the company’s Instagram Story take on a life of its own.


Promote Time-Sensitive Offers

There is a sense of urgency built into the Instagram Stories platform, and you can take advantage of that by offering some time-sensitive deals. Upload special deals that are only available for a short time. If you do this regularly, people will check out your Instagram Stories daily. They won’t want to miss the next deal, so they’ll keep checking back.


Get Started With Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an amazing marketing tool. It creates a sense of urgency and helps brands build engagement. Use these tips to begin your campaign with Instagram Stories. These tips will help you reach more people and increase your engagement.

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