For better or for worse, your visuals define your brand. Visuals create brand recognition, and when selected correctly, these can inspire action. Picking visuals is normally one of the most difficult things a brand does. You can make the process much easier by following some tips. These tips will help you select the best visuals for your brand.


Choose a Color Palette

Your color palette needs to be consistent across all your brand’s visuals. Before you can enjoy that consistency, you must choose a color palette. Your color palette should match your brand identity and speak to your target market. To accomplish this, you must first understand the psychology behind colors.

Red is associated with excitement and passion. Blue is the color of trust, while orange represents energy. Purple inspires creativity and individuality, while yellow is the color of optimism. Pink is used for happiness, and green represents nature. Black is the color of luxury and sophistication.

Determine what you want to represent and then choose the appropriate color palette. This palette should be included in all your visuals. Over time, people will identify your color palette with your brand.


Select the Typography

Many brands don’t realize that typography is also a visual. You must select the typography when choosing your visuals. You need to select two to three complementary typefaces to use on your marketing materials. When selecting a typeface, you can choose from free, professional, or custom options.

Free, or open-source, typefaces are attractive to brands operating with low budgets. However, these typefaces are generic. You will see them all over the internet, and it will make it hard for your brand to stand out. Only go with this option if you truly cannot afford to pay for typefaces.

If you choose a professional typeface, you will pay licensing fees for it. Designers created these typefaces and sell them to others. These typefaces are more unique than free typefaces. However, another brand might use the same typeface if you use this option.

You can also get custom typefaces. If your budget will allow it, this is the best choice. A designer will work with you to create typefaces that represent your brand. This is the only way to get truly unique typefaces. Yours will be the only brand using the typefaces. That’s a great way to stand out. 


Choose Your Imagery

Just like the colors and typography, a specific type of imagery will also fit your brand. You need to determine the type of imagery to use and commit to sticking with it when promoting your brand. There are two main categories available. You can choose illustrations or photographs.

Many brands choose illustrations. Illustrations can be customized for any situation. You can also update illustrations with ease. Many marketers and business owners like illustrations because they are only limited by their imaginations. Any idea can turn into an illustration.

Photography is the other option. Marketers like photographs because of the ability to highlight products. Photographs provide lots of details and can appeal to emotions. Photographs are based in reality.

To choose between the two, ask yourself a simple question: “What are you selling?” Are you selling a physical product? Use photographs. Is your product or service less tangible? Inspire people with illustrations. 


Take Your Visuals to the Next Level

Your visuals are critical for your marketing campaign. The right visuals will help you stand out and build a strong brand identity. Begin by following these tips, incorporate them into your visuals to make your brand more cohesive; then measure the results. See if your market responds to your new visuals.

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