Customers crave authenticity from brands like never before. Making a brand personal is the best way to provide an authentic experience for customers. By making your brand personal, you will show the world that you are more than just a business. There are relatable people behind the scenes that want to connect with the customers.


Be Consistent

Company X uses social media to deliver its brand message. It’s hip and cool on Instagram, serious on Facebook, and all over the place on Twitter. The inconsistent messaging makes Company X look anything but personal and authentic. If you’re going to make your brand personal, begin by crafting a consistent message and voice. You need to stay on point across all marketing channels.


Show Some Personality

In the past, brands were terrified of showing personality. These days, personality is critical if you’re going to make waves in the saturated marketplace. Find a balance between being an authority in your industry and showcasing your personality. Spend time working on your bio, so people realize there is a human being behind the scenes. Have personal interactions on social media and use humor when possible. Every time you show the personal side of your brand, it will become more relatable. This will help you build loyalty in your market.


Discover What Makes You Unique

You can’t make your brand personal without being unique. Determine what makes your brand unique and highlight it in your marketing materials. The more unique you are, the more personal your brand will become.


Be Transparent

This is difficult for brands to do, but it’s vital. Transparency will help you make your brand personal, and it will also allow you to build trust with your target market. Instead of being a closed book, take the mystery out of your business. Don’t hide behind your brand. Instead, let the world know what your brand is and what it involves.


Admit Your Mistakes

This is a carryover of being transparent. You need to own up to your mistakes. Go to review sites and respond to issues people have experienced with your products or services. Try to fix the problems, and let the world know you’ll do better in the future. Owning up to your mistakes creates a sense of authenticity. It shows the world that you’re more than a brand. You are a human being, and while you aren’t perfect, you strive to do your best every day. People respect that. 


Showcase Your Employees

You can make your brand more personal by showing off your employees. Choose a day each week or month to highlight a different employee. You can show your employees using your products or have video question and answer sessions. Your employees will become the human faces of your brand. 


Use Personalized Marketing

You can also make your brand personal by using personalized marketing. This process allows you to deliver highly targeted marketing materials to specific people or groups. You will need to collect data to do this. After you get the data, analyze it, and put your market into segments. Then you can speak directly to each segment. This will add yet another personal touch to your brand. People will feel like you’re helping them instead of advertising to them.

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