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by | Jun 27, 2019

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Successful marketing ideas need to stay fresh to be effective. If marketing gets stale, potential and returning customers alike may get bored. Every successful marketing campaign stays relevant to its audience. However, marketers are often lost for ways to keep their ideas fresh and audiences engaged. Here are a few key ways to keep your ideas fresh so that customers can keep coming back to your brand.

Adapt, but Never Change Your Brand

One of the keys to freshness is, ironically, a bit of stability. Customers come to see your brand as a static fixture over time. Successful marketing keeps this core identity intact while upgrading various secondary aspects. A great example is Coca-Cola. The famous soft drink has gone through innumerable flavors, container designs, and ad campaigns. However, all of these aspects are consciously centered around the Coca-Cola brand. This keeps the brand identity stable no matter how much anything else changes. In fact, Coca-Cola once took a step too far. In the infamous New Coke campaign, many customers actually became outraged at the change at the heart of the product. Core product or service stability is key; good marketing is about building up that identity.

Avoid the Marketing Fads

Resist the urge to jump on every marketing bandwagon. Instead, give marketing trends time to see if they age well or make sense for your campaigns. There is a constant supply of marketing fads, but customers are likely to quickly become tired of most of them. Give yourself a chance to find marketing ideas that actually help build your brand and drive sales. Using every idea that comes along is simply going to waste time, energy, and money.

Respond to Customer Input

This should be a no-brainer, but it can be shocking how many marketers forget to ask their audience their thoughts and feelings about campaigns. Yet, this is precisely what the goal of a successful campaign should be: embedding your brand in the hearts and minds of your target audience. If you never check to see whether your campaign is well-received, you have no idea which campaigns are working, and which are not. Additionally, customers can often provide unmatched insight into improvements that help your brand. Always keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

Avoid Content for Content’s Sake

In the drive to create content and get it in front of customers, many businesses simply churn out material on loop. Often, the content is not very interesting, and readers are left uncompelled. Too much content, especially anything seen as shallow or irrelevant, turns customers off. Instead, make sure your content is always something that has to do with your business, a problem your audience often has, and a solution you offer. Different content will focus on one or more of these aspects uniquely. Nevertheless, customers do not want endless information. They want content that helps or interests them somehow. Relevant content keeps people coming back.

What Is the Bottom Line?

If you keep these tips in mind, you will be off to a good start to keeping your marketing ideas fresh. Remember to always be open to new ideas and strategies, but never lose the core identity at the heart of your brand. Keep your content authentic and relevant to your audience and avoid pumping out endless material. Always check back with your audience to ensure your campaigns are being well-received. Finally, make sure to give some thought to new ideas before implementing them. This will keep your ideas fresh and compelling by helping you weed out flashy fads from true innovations.

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