How to Evaluate Your Online Marketing Presence

by | Sep 12, 2019

How to Evaluate Your Online Marketing PresenceYou know that digital marketing can help you reach and nurture potential customers. There is just one problem: your online presence isn’t where it needs to be. You know you aren’t getting the most out of your digital marketing campaign, but you aren’t sure what to do next. Follow some tips to elevate your online presence so you can optimize your campaign.

Freshen Up Your Website

Is your website a little stale? You can freshen it up to elevate your online presence. Try adding evidence and testimonials, if you haven’t already, and include engaging images that draw people in. Make sure the website has a solid “About Us” page and includes links to social media profiles. Also, your site should have a clear call-to-action throughout the site and easy-to-use navigation.

Finally, make sure the website is consistent with your brand. Does it use the same colors and typeface? Is your brand messaging clear and consistent?

Check Your Search Engine Optimization

When is the last time you checked your site’s search engine optimization (SEO)? If it’s been years, you might be using the wrong keywords and strategies. Run an SEO check on your site. Change up the keywords in the content and metadata if needed. Make sure you use the keywords naturally instead of stuffing, though. Search engines will penalize you if your content looks spammy.

Consistently Provide Valuable Content

Consistently providing people with valuable content is an excellent way to increase your organic reach and build your reputation. Your content can also help you increase your ROI. Create relevant content that is evergreen, meaning it will be as valuable next year as it is this year. Valuable evergreen content often brings in more traffic each year.

Connect With Other Brands

Are there brands that fit into your industry but aren’t direct competitors? For example, let’s say you sell tennis rackets but not tennis balls. A company that sells tennis balls would fit into your niche but not be direct competition. Find brands that meet those criteria and reach out for guest blogging opportunities. This will help you reach more people and stand out as an authority in your niche.

Become More Engaging

You can elevate your online presence quickly by boosting your customer engagement. Talk to your customers on social media. If you come across a brand mention, reach out. If someone comments on one of your posts, write back. Engaging with your customer base humanizes your brand and helps build trust. That, in turn, strengthens your online presence.

Add Paid Ads Into the Mix

Do you want results quickly? You can run paid ads to get in front of your customer base today. Google AdWords and social media ads are both good options. Use Google AdWords to convert customers quickly. Then use social media ads to build relationships. The latter will help you elevate your online presence for the long-term.

Run Tests

You should test everything in marketing. From headlines on your ads to the CTAs on your website, tests will show you what your audience responds to and what it ignores. If you’re serious about elevating your online presence, test everything you can. After you run the test, choose the winner and test again. Testing should be an ongoing process. With each test, you will be closer to having a fully optimized marketing campaign.

Elevate Your Online Presence Today

It will take some work to elevate your online presence, but you will be rewarded if you put the time in. Follow these steps to build your presence. You will reach more people and build trust with your customer base.

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