How Marketing Supports Sales

by | Jul 11, 2019

Computer screenSales are your company’s bread and butter. You need to make as many sales as possible to be competitive in the business world. Did you know you can increase your sales with effective marketing? Marketing supports sales in a variety of ways and can provide your team with the help it needs to close more deals. 

Better Leads

When companies try to grab leads on their own, they are often left with a list of cold prospects. It’s up to the sales team to nurture the leads, and this is very time-consuming, especially when the list is ice cold. Marketers qualify leads before sending them to the sales team. This allows the team to do what it is best at, which is making sales. When a sales team has a list of hot leads at its disposal, it is much easier to close deals.

Develop Marketing Content Related to the Buying Cycle

When people are interested in products or services, they enter the buying cycle. This cycle includes awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. Sales teams need to push people through this cycle to make sales and generate return business. 

Marketing teams help this process by aligning marketing efforts with the different parts of the buying cycle. Marketers use different strategies for each step in the process, and this makes it easier for sales teams to reach their goals. Essentially, marketers move people through the buying cycle, and then sales professionals make sales. Then marketers stick with converted customers to build loyalty and create brand advocacy. Sales teams benefit from these efforts by continuing to sell to their customers.

Provide Essential Data

Both sales teams and marketers collect and leverage data. Far too often, the two teams keep this data separate. An effective marketing team shares data with the sales team to provide additional support. Data such as demographics, behaviors, and actions help sales teams understand the challenges prospects face, along with their interests. This makes it easier for sales teams to develop effective pitches. The right data provides sales teams with the information they need to speak directly to each prospect’s wants and desires when making a sale.

Marketing Materials That Address Customer Objections

Sales professionals deal with objections when trying to make sales. When they work on their own, they try to address the objection during their pitches, and this can be quite difficult. A supportive marketing team can work with the sales team to address the objections before the prospect makes it to the sales team. 

To do this, the sales team needs to talk to the marketing team about the objections they face. Then marketers develop a strategy to address objections when educating potential leads. This creates even hotter leads and makes it much easier for the sales team to close deals. Also, the sales team can use the marketing materials if the objection comes up during the sale.


This is rarely discussed, but marketers can also motivate the sales team. When a member is successful, marketers can promote the achievement. This does two things. First, of course, it is nice to be recognized. The successful team member will continue to work hard to gain recognition once again.

Second, other team members will notice the recognition and want to get recognized as well. They will work harder to gain that recognition.

Marketing – The Key to Effective Sales

A sales team should not be forced to work alone. A marketing team is needed to support the sales team. When the two teams work together, sales should increase. 

Transformation Marketing has years of experience working closely with sales teams. If you want your organization to thrive, contact us today. 

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