How Blogging Can Help Your SEO

You want to drive traffic to your website, and that means your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy needs to be on-point. A solid SEO strategy will help your website move up in the search results, leading to an increase in traffic. While there are lots of components to a solid SEO strategy, blogging is one of the most important. Blogging can give your SEO strategy a serious boost and help you get the results you want. Let’s go over some ways that blogging helps your site’s SEO.

Blogging Keeps Your Site Fresh

Google and other search engines don’t want to deliver people stale content. If your site hasn’t been updated for months or years, it will take a hit in the SEO department. That’s one reason why blogging is so important. When you blog, you update your site with fresh information. Google and the rest of the search engines will reward you by giving your site a better position in the search results. That, of course, means you can expect to get more traffic. 

Gather Backlinks by Blogging

Linking is part of your SEO strategy. You’ve linked to other sites, and you need sites to link to yours, as well. Blogging helps you gather natural backlinks. When you create quality content, people will naturally share and link to it. Search engines realize that you’re an authority on a subject when you gather backlinks, so you’ll get a huge SEO boost. As a bonus, more people will find your site, thanks to the backlinks. 

Get More Internal Links

Internal links are also critical for SEO. It can be hard to come up with internal links when you just have regular website pages, such as the home page and About Us page. Blogging makes it much easier to link to internal pages. Each time you write a blog post, include an internal link to help your site move up in the results. 

Expand Your Keywords

When you write content for your website, you focus on one or two keywords per page. Focusing on more than that can make your content look jumbled and incoherent. Blogging allows you to go after additional keywords. You can use your blog posts to rank for more long-tail keywords, thus reaching more people. By focusing on one long-tail keyword per post, you can show up in more search results and expand your reach. 

Keep People on Your Website

Did you know that search engines look at how long people stay on your site when determining your rankings? If people leave your site right after landing on it, you’ll take a hit. Having a well-written blog will keep people on your website longer. That will help you move past your competition in the search results.

Get More Shares

When you write popular blog posts, people will share them on social media. This can also help your SEO campaign. Search engines want to deliver popular content to people. When search engines notice that a post is receiving lots of shares or engagement on social media, it will increase its ranking. The more often this happens with your blog posts, the better your website will perform.

These are just some of the reasons you should add a blog to your website. Here at Transformation Marketing, we know how important blogging is. Once you start your blog, make sure you post regularly. Have a posting schedule in place, so you can reap the benefits. Stick to your schedule and watch your site move up in the search results. You’ll be amazed by how powerful a blog can be.


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