Holiday Marketing Tips

by | Jun 17, 2019

Holiday Marketing
Tips on how to optimize your summer holiday marketing

The summer may be a slower season on the holiday front, but there are still festive days to be had. June holds Father’s Day, while July offers Independence Day in the lull of the summer. And don’t forget that once Labor Day hits, we’ll be back in the big annual holiday season before you know it.

Your marketing strategies should always be looking for ways to stay current and relevant. One way to do this is to take advantage of the holidays. So how should you change your marketing campaigns around the holiday season?

1. Offer Some Special Coupons or Deals.

There is no better way to encourage people to return to your business — even becoming loyal customers — than offering a deal around the holidays. Whether it is a 10 percent off your purchase coupon or a discount with special requirements (like bringing your father in on Father’s Day) holiday-related deals accomplish several things.

Firstly, they make a nod to the holiday season, which means they are relevant to your customers who are celebrating. Secondly, they incentivize new customers to experience your business for the first time and become loyal customers. Lastly, they reward long-time customers for their loyalty.

2. Give Back to Your Community.

Customers like to see businesses give to charity, and the holidays are the perfect time to do so. You can host a special event or have a weekend where 10 percent of proceeds go to a charity that is near and dear to you. You can also spend this time raising awareness about an important cause.

Giving to charity accomplishes a few different things. Firstly, if you choose a local charity, you are putting money back into your local economy — which, in turn, will also benefit your business. Secondly, your business will develop a reputation for giving back to those in need. Thirdly, hosting a charitable event is a way to get more people into your business.

3. Host an Online Holiday Event.

There’s nothing like showing your customers that you have some festive spirit. You can do this by engaging them on social media. Your business should already have an active presence on social media and engage customers on a regular basis. However, the holidays are a chance for you to step it up a notch.

Examples of events could be an Instagram photo post or photo caption contest, a trivia event, or a Twitter competition. For Independence Day, for example, you could host a “Share Your Barbecue Secret” challenge and invite your followers to share their recipes for grilling in the summer. There is a lot of leeway, with events like these. You have plenty of opportunities to get creative. Meanwhile, your followers have the chance to engage and have some fun.

4. Push the Nostalgia Button.

Nothing says “holiday season” like reminding people of the good old days. Maybe that means setting up displays in your store showing Independence Day traditions over the years. Or you can invite your social media followers to share old photos of their dads on Father’s Day. Most people have fond memories of the holidays of their childhood, which is why this is a great way to market during the holiday season.

5. Be Empathetic.

Not everyone celebrates all the holidays the same way, and to some, holidays are especially difficult. For the person who just lost their father or didn’t really have a father figure growing up, Father’s Day may be a difficult one. For the person who has PTSD, fireworks may have an adverse effect on them. Keep this in mind as you plan your events and posts. Whether you’re letting your email subscribers temporarily opt out of emails about that holiday, or you push a post acknowledging those who may struggle with a certain holiday for whatever reason, you’re showing everyone, but especially those struggling, that you care about how they feel.

Ultimately, there are countless ways that you can adjust your marketing campaign during holidays. Keeping your marketing personal and relevant means making it more effective. At Transformation Marketing, we’re always looking for ways to utilize certain times of the year to better connect with our customer’s as well as help them to better connect with theirs.

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