Halloween Marketing Ideas

by | Oct 12, 2021

halloween marketingBOO! Did we scare you? We’re big fans of Halloween at Transformation Marketing. Not only do we like the costumes and candy, but we also love all the fun and creative ideas that you can utilize during the spooky season. We’re confident that these Halloween marketing ideas won’t scare your customers away. Let’s get started…


Decorate Your Space

Dust off the pumpkins and bust out the scarecrows, Halloween is here! Decorating your space for Halloween is a great way to get customers inside and excited about all the fun. Whether you want to create a festive display case or just add a few spooky touches of Halloween throughout your space, there are tons of decorations that you can DIY or buy for cheap! And — decorating doesn’t mean that you need to make a haunted scene, it can be upscale fall-themed decor as well. 


Create Halloween-Themed Products

Halloween-themed products are sure to be a hit! Whether you’re handing out little promotional items or selling for-profit goods, you can give them a Halloween twist. Surprise your customers with small promo items like candy jars or goodie bags with every purchase. For products, the packaging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give products a Halloween feel without fully designing new products. Get creative with how you can incorporate Halloween while still showing your product. 


Get Spooky Online

Update your social media with Halloween pictures and graphics! We always love to see how brands put a holiday spin on their logos. How else can you use social media? Use hashtags. According to Business 2 Community, #Halloween2020 was included in roughly 964k posts and received 5.5 billion impressions, which means tons of people will be scrolling that hashtag and coming across your content. And let’s not forget, people turn to social media for inspiration. If your business can help influence costumes, decorations, makeup, or even snacks, you know people will be searching for those ideas, so post them online before the day! 


Offer Scary-Good Deals and Discounts

I think this can go without saying, but customers love a good deal and discount! Holidays are the perfect reason to give your customers exactly what they want. If you want to get creative with your deals, only offer discounts for customers who dress up in costume or buy Halloween-themed products. You know these scary-good deals won’t scare them away!


Welcome Trick-or-Treaters

There’s not a better way to get people to your door on Halloween than handing out candy and freebies to the kids. If you do this, don’t forget about the parents! Hand out coupons along with the sweet treats to encourage them to come back again. 


Throw a Costume Party

If you want to go big, throw a costume party! Invite customers to your business and ask them to dress up in their best costumes. Offering a company-related prize to the best-dressed can get people excited and in the door. Also, every good party has snacks, drinks, and music, so don’t forget about those essentials either! 


Organize Fall-Theme Activities

We know that there’s more to the fall than just Halloween! There are so many fun activities that your business can attach itself to. Offer to sponsor an attraction at the pumpkin patch, plan a fall social, or just indulge in all things pumpkin spice! 


Join In On the Fun

Lastly, join in on the fun! If you ask your customers to dress up, you should too! You and your staff will set the tone, so don’t be afraid to look a little silly and have some fun with it. 


Happy Halloween!

Well, that’s our list of Halloween marketing ideas! Did you find an idea that you want to try out? Let us know! We wish you a spooktacular season and a Happy Halloween!

For more creative and fun marketing ideas, reach out to us at Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896!

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