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Guide to Google Certificates

Google certifications are a way for marketers to show they are proficient in various marketing techniques. Marketers must pass a test to receive official certification. Look at some of the most common Google certifications. 

Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is one of the most popular options for online marketers. Those who have this certification have demonstrated a proficiency in Google’s complicated ad platform.

To get a Google Ads certification, you’ll have to sign up for Google Partners and pass two exams. The AdWords Fundamentals exam is the first of the two. This exam covers various concepts of online advertising, including the best practices for optimizing and managing campaigns on AdWords.

After passing that exam, you’ll have to take a specialty exam. You can choose from exams for:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

The exams have around 100 questions each and take approximately two hours to complete. You must receive a grade of 80 percent or above to pass the exam.

While some marketers stop at two tests, those who specialize in more than one area of AdWords should take additional tests. For instance, if a marketer specializes in both Search and Display advertising, taking both tests is a good idea to demonstrate proficiency.

Google Analytics Certification

Marketers use Google Analytics to track campaign-related data. Google Analytics is a robust program, and those who do not understand it fail to make the most out of it. One way to prove that you know how to use Google Analytics is with a certification from Google.

This certification is also available through Google Partners. Once signed up, you can take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test. This 70-question multiple choice test takes an hour to complete. You need to score 80 percent or above to pass. If you fail, you have to wait a full week before you can try again.

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

The Mobile Web Specialist certification is available to those who demonstrate proficiency in mobile web development. The exam covers various topics, including mobile web forms, progressive web apps, basic website layout, and performance optimization and caching. 

You will have to complete 20 coding tasks to pass the exam. The exam takes approximately four hours. After you complete the exam, you must go through an exit interview. The interview is just five questions regarding the exam and only takes around 10 minutes to complete.

It usually takes over a month to get the results back from the exam. If you pass with an 80 percent or higher, you will receive a certification from Google.

Additional Certifications

Google also offers additional certifications, including the Associate Android Developer certification, Google Developers certification, and Google Cloud certification. In each case, you must pass a test to receive the certification.

Studying for Google Certifications

Certification tests are quite difficult. When an individual or company is certified, you know that they have an advanced skill set. If you decide to take one of the tests, study beforehand. Google offers a variety of study materials, and you can also take an online class before taking the test. 

Certification Is the Key to Success

You don’t have to become certified to enjoy the benefits of a Google certification. Instead of going through the test yourself, choose a marketing agency that has been certified by Google. That way, you will have full confidence that the agency will use best practices when marketing your company. 

Transformation Marketing is certified and can help you reach your marketing goals. Contact TM to find out more about our certifications and how we can help you.

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