National Graphic Designers Day: Aubrie O’Connor

by | Apr 27, 2021

national graphic designer day - aubrie o'connor

Graphic designers do a lot of hard work every day! Without them, we would not have the beautiful designs and graphics that surround us. Here at Transformation Marketing, we love our very own graphic designer, Aubrie!

All About Aubrie

Throughout her whole childhood, Aubrie knew she wanted to do something with art! She took every art class provided at her small high school in Syracuse and covered her bedroom with famous paintings along with her own, of course. After her parents’ realization that there was no stopping her dream of becoming an artist, they agreed to let her go to art college, where Aubrie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. She excelled greatly throughout college, received many awards and high honors, and continued to make tremendous improvements to her craft.

At the end of Aubrie’s senior year of college, she began to fall in love with web design and marketing just as much as graphic work. Luckily, they go hand in hand, so she didn’t have to choose one! She started working in graphic design by doing freelance work for people across Omaha, doing design layouts for online books, and a few illustration commissions sprinkled in. It wasn’t long before she ended up here with us at Transformation Marketing! 

Aubrie has many hobbies and enjoys hanging out with her cats, hiking in the mountains with her husband, playing video games, writing novels, drawing, and taking naps. 

Favorite Projects

Aubrie has worked on many projects for us at TM! Here are a few of her favorite projects and her thoughts on them:

Transformation Marketing Redesign – One of my first projects was rebranding our stationery items. I was so excited to rebrand items at the company I worked for. Not going to lie, I felt super cool and bragged about it to my friends. 






pj billboardPapa John’s Billboard – I got to design a billboard for a pizza place that was displayed all around Lincoln. I remember April and I were in the car on our way to a meeting and we both gasped when we noticed the billboard off O Street. It’s an incredible feeling to see your work displayed to the entire town.






annual reportCatholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska Annual Report – This project will always be close to my heart. Even though this was a difficult and long-lasting project, I loved every minute of it. Seeing all those blank pages turn into a well-designed book was amazing. For being a super impatient person, I was impressed I was able to make it and not go crazy!





fcc calendarFremont Contract Carriers, Inc. Calendar – I was SUPER SUPER excited to work on this one! It was somewhat of a challenge to make since I had never designed a calendar before, but I really love the way it came out! I keep the calendar on my fridge at home.

Design Inspiration

Being a graphic designer means there are always new projects coming up and often, many at a time. Design inspiration is an essential part of being a designer! Here are some of the ways Aubrie likes to get inspiration for her designs. 

“I gather my inspiration from a lot of different outlets. I create folders of inspirational artwork on several different platforms and reference/add to them almost every day. I have one for photography, vector illustrations, fine art, and animation. I also keep an at-home folder full of crafting ideas, sewing hacks, and video game art. Although, like most creatives experience, I feel myself falling into a rut and everything I try to design that day is the worst thing in the world in my eyes. I find that looking at my inspiration folders, along with taking walks, and drinking some hot tea clears my head and almost ‘resets’ my mind.”


Happy National Graphic Designers Day!

We love Aubrie! She is an amazing graphic designer who works hard every day, and we couldn’t do this without her. Happy National Graphic Designers Day to her and all the other talented designers out there! 

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