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“What is Google Plus?” This is what our graphic designer chimed in as we started discussing the talk of Google Plus shutting down in one of our recent team meetings. If you share those same sentiments, this blog probably isn’t for you, as this social media platform will soon no longer exist.

Google Plus first launched in June 2011. After extensive research, polling, and trial, Transformation Marketing predicted shortly after its launch, that this would not be a social media platform that took off. We evaluated whether or not it would add value to our clients, and weighed out the pros and cons of adding it to our packages. Eventually, we determined the potential to boost rank was enough to throw it in as a free bonus to our some of our packages. Since then, we simply push anything we’re pushing to Facebook directly to Google Plus as well.

There’s been talk for a while now that Google was going to be eliminating this service. If you use and study all the Google products and services as much as our team does, you’ll have noticed that many of the systems that used to integrate with Google Plus have been slowly disconnected over the past year or two. So, we have to say, this announcement did not come as a huge surprise to us.

Google says they plan to shut down Google Plus in August 2019 as a result of a security breach a couple months back. Google says that after analyzing the data, Google Plus does not get enough usage to justify the work that it takes to maintain it. (Our prediction is that they will move up the date to shut down.)

While Google has given us nearly a year’s notice of the shutdown, many are already jumping ship since it’s only a matter of time before the platform is no more. So, with that in mind, we will have phased Google Plus out of all our online packages by the end of 2018 as well as removing the icon from any of our online marketing clients’ websites. Because this has always been a free add-on, it will not change the pricing of our online packages nor will any of our online marketing clients be charged for the removal of the icon from their website.

At Transformation Marketing, we always work hard to take the time and do the due diligence needed to evaluate new and fading trends of the industry so that our clients can spend their valuable time on their businesses. We build our partnerships on trust and results so that our clients always know they can trust us to put their marketing dollars toward what will bring them the best results we can. We thank you for putting your trust in us and we continue to work hard to maintain it.

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