Finding The Right Social Network

by | Apr 20, 2011

Each social network has its place in a social media marketing plan, therefore not every social network is appropriate for all business social campaigns. In the table below we’ve organized six major social networks and separated a few core purposes in launching a social media marketing campaign.

The social networks from left to right are as follows:
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog (like the one you are reading now), Foursquare

News: Post new products and services your company is offering.

Reputation Management: Keep track of negative and positive reviews of your business.

Targeted Marketing: Advertise to people based on their demographics or specific information in their profile.

Tutorials: Post a lengthy discussion about your product and services.

Coupons: Distribute coupons and specials.

Hiring: Post the latest job openings at your company.

B2B: Advertise directly to other businesses.

Updates: Post short updates about your business’s activities and events.

Branding: Make your brand recognizable and familiar through repetitive impressions.

Product Discussion: Explain a complicated product or service, give details and in-depth features.

Local Marketing: Advertise to people based on their location.

Outreach: Advertise to people that might be interested in your business’s product and services, based on their activity.

Please note that these are network generalizations. For example, YouTube does have a way to post short text updates on their site, but we don’t see that YouTube is as good a network to post updates as Facebook. If you disagree is our table please let us know about it in the comments.

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