Facebook and Instagram Live Tips

facebook and instagram liveOver the past year, Facebook and Instagram Lives have exploded in popularity. These unique streaming platforms have allowed people to connect in real-time. It has provided a great opportunity for businesses, celebrities, influencers, and even the average Joe, to interact with their fans, followers, and friends in an informal and entertaining way online. In this blog, we’ll talk about tips and tricks on how to produce the best Facebook and Instagram Live videos for your feed.





Facebook and Instagram Live Tips

Be creative and go Live often

To get the most out of your streams, ask your followers what type of content they want to see. Letting them pick the topic ensures that they’re interested in it and that they’ll be sure to tune in when it’s time. Plus, you’re likely to never run out of new content ideas when you have everyone chipping in. An easy way to get their opinion on topics is to a run poll or post a question box on your Instagram story. As you get more comfortable filming, try out different settings or durations to see what works well and gives you the best results. 

Promote beforehand

What do you do when you’re planning a public event? You invite people and spread the word. A Facebook or Instagram Live is no different. Build anticipation and generate interest beforehand by announcing when you’re going Live, what you’ll be talking about, and why they should join the conversation.

Test run your video settings

Even though these streaming platforms are more informal than what you’d typically see on TV, it’s still important to produce quality content. Ultimately, these videos could make or break your brand if you make a bad impression. Before going Live you should test run your video settings. Here are some things to consider:

  • Limit your distractions – Set up in a private room where you won’t be distracted. Also, try to minimize unnecessary background noise as much as possible. No one wants to hear noisy traffic or your neighbor’s barking dogs.
  • Find the perfect spot – Before going Live, you’ll want to test out the angles of the camera and find what works best for you. If you’re filming on your phone, turn your device horizontal as that makes a much nicer sized video for social media. Make sure you have good lighting and a presentable background, too.
  • Have a strong connection – A strong broadband connection will ensure that you produce a clear, high-resolution video. Connecting to Wi-Fi instead of using cellular data will typically give you a better result. 
  • Use a tripod – Using a tripod will give you a steady and stable stream.
Time it just right

Figure out when the best time to reach your audience is. You don’t want to go Live when everyone is at work or asleep. You can use your Insight Analytics to learn more about your audience’s behaviors and when they’re active online. Additionally, those who broadcast for a longer period of time tend to reach more people. According to Facebook, it prioritizes videos that are three minutes or longer. 

Interact with your audience

Here’s the fun part — interacting with your audience! These streaming tools are a great way to spark conversation and build meaningful relationships, so people should take advantage of that. When you’re Live, say hello to commenters and answer a few of their questions. Encourage your audience to leave a comment, like your post, or share your video. Pin great comments to the top of your chat. The more you interact with your audience, the better your engagement will be and the more people your video will reach. 

Be personal

And lastly, make it personal. People don’t want to watch a rehearsed robot, so try your best to connect with your audience in a genuine way. For businesses, it’s a chance to show that there are real, caring humans behind the brand. And if you make a mistake on camera, just embrace it. It adds personality to your video and makes it so much more fun to watch. All in all, it’s a creative way to share your personal experiences with your audience watching and cheering you on in real-time. 


Are You Ready to Go Live?

There’s no denying that people are craving a stronger, more human connection than ever before — and Facebook and Instagram Lives are just the tools to do that. With these tips in mind, you should be able to start your Live off on the right foot. If you need some extra guidance, feel free to reach out to Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, NE. As a full-service marketing agency, we can help your brand with social media marketing, graphic design, video and photography, programmatic advertising, blog writing, and so much more. Contact us at 402-788-2896!

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