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At Transformation Marketing, we have set out to create a few fun summer campaigns for Instagram. We landed on running three hashtag campaigns all focused on showing the work we put in and passion we have at Transformation Marketing: #TransformationTuesday #SummerLove and #BehindTheScenes. If you want to learn more about these specific hashtags, I suggest you follow @TransformationMarketing on Instagram.

Trying to come up with an Instagram campaign can seem daunting, so we thought we’d help break down the process. To come up with a campaign that fits your company you need to brainstorm, choose an idea, and go through with it.


The biggest rule for the brainstorming phase is there are no bad ideas. Even what seems like an awful idea could inspire something wonderful, so just keep writing! If you find your mind completely blank, here’s a few places to get started.

-Alliteration: One way to brainstorm ideas is to think of words that begin with the same letter. Start with words that have to do with your business and just keep going from there! Some ideas we thought of during this stage include: #MarketingMondays, #WelcomeWeek, and #FunFactFridays.

Look at Popular Hashtags: Disclaimer, we did not invent the Transformation Tuesday hashtag, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits. Pay attention to what’s popular and think about if it will fit with your business. Notice this doesn’t say use every popular hashtag, just the ones that make sense. We thought that #TransformationTuesday was a great hashtag to use (Transformation being our name and all) but we’re not trying to jump onto the #ManCrushMonday train.

-Find some Seasonal Inspiration: The weather can affect our mood, so why not our Instagram campaigns? Whether it’s #WinterWonderland, #SpringCleaning, or #SummerSun, try looking outside for some inspiration.

Choosing an Idea

So you have a ton of ideas, but how do you pick the right one(s)? Ask yourself a few questions to help narrow down your options.

-What does my audience want to see? Creating Instagram posts is just like any other kind of marketing, you must keep your audience in mind.

-How many posts can I get out of this campaign? If you love the hashtag you came up with, but can only think of one post, it might not make the greatest campaign.

-How am I getting the photos for this campaign? Whether you decide on fan-submitted photos, professional photos, or photos you take on your iPhone, make sure you know where they’re coming from and that you can get enough of them.

Make sure that your campaign reflects your company values.

Actually Doing It

Coming up with the hashtag is easy, but then you need to go through with it. If you need photos sent to you, make sure you ask for them. If you take the photos yourself, get up and take them. Don’t get stuck looking for perfection, just make an Instagram campaign that you’re proud of. (Quick tip: try to be ahead on your Instagram posts so you don’t feel rushed to come up with content.)

The unofficial final step is to have fun. Just because it’s for business doesn’t mean social media has to be boring. The more fun you’re having with your Instagram, the more fun your followers will have. The moment that Instagram feels like a chore, you know you’ve misstepped somewhere.

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