Our Favorite Christmas Ads of 2021

by | Dec 14, 2021


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only are we blessed with good times with friends and family during the holiday season, but we also get to indulge in some of the best advertising of the year. Take a look at the latest Christmas ads released from some of the biggest brands around the world. Enjoy! 


McDonald’s UK – Imaginary Iggy


You’re never too old to have an imagination. In this McDonald’s ad, a young, shy girl makes an imaginary friend, named Iggy, by sharing her Reindeer Treats with him. As their friendship grows, she finds comfort in his presence and begins to appreciate the small moments of Christmas with those around her. However, as she gets older, she also grows more distant from Iggy — eventually stuffing him in the closest and never returning again. Until one day she sees a young boy with those same Reindeer Treats, which reminds her of the joy she once felt. She rushes home, pulls out Iggy, and reunites with her long-lost imaginary friend! 


Chase – ‘Tis the Season for Cashbacking

Two stars — Catherine O’Hare and Kevin Hart — share the spotlight in Chase Freedom Unlimited’s ad. In the ad, the famous actress realized that she has lost “KEVIN” while Christmas shopping and begins to shout his name. For the fans of Home Alone, they may expect to see Kevin McCallister (as she once played his mother), but low and behold she’s looking for a different Kevin — Kevin Hart. The two reconnect at the checkout and go on their merrily way. 


Amazon – Kindness, The Greatest Gift

In Amazon’s ad, it follows a young woman who appears to be struggling with anxiety following the pandemic. Though strangers, her neighbor notices her withdrawn demeanor and sends her an unexpected gift. It’s ads like these that remind us that kindness can be a small yet important act. It really is the people around us that make Christmas special.


Tesco – This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us

Tesco is bound and determined to have the best Christmas ever — no matter the circumstances. Life will throw you curveballs, but it’s important to not let those set you back. Celebrate with the ones you love! 


Coca-Cola – Real Magic

Coca-Cola’s ad shares the tale of a young boy who gathers his neighbors to make a makeshift “chimney” for Santa. The chimney made of cardboard boxes and duct tape wraps around his apartment complex. While you think he’s making it for Santa to visit him, he places the chimney at the window of an elderly neighbor and shoots her a gift, which of course brightens her day. Another classic ad of togetherness and happiness from Coca-Cola!


TK Maxx UK – Christmas To The Maxx

In this new commercial, a young boy puts a musical twist on a classic Aerosmith song. While nervous to perform on the organ, he looks down and gets inspired by his shiny blue shoes — an early Christmas gift from his dad. His shoes give him the confidence to make a hit and has everyone rocking out by the end of the song!


John Lewis – Unexpected Guest

John Lewis is known for its wholesome Christmas ads, and this year is no different. In the “Unexpected Guest,” a boy teaches the joy of Christmas to a young alien who has crashed on earth. The alien has never experienced Christmas before, so the boy takes it upon himself to show her the magic of the season. 


Sports Direct – Go All Out

Need a reason to get up and play some sports? Watch this star-studded Christmas ad! You’ll see well-known UK athletes, like Jack Grealish, Declan Rice, Mason Mount, Jordan Pickford, Emma Raducanu, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and Big Narstie, warming up in their new sports gear. Even if the wintry elements are against them, they’re still out there making the most of it. 


Boots – Bags of Joy

What could be better than a bottomless bag? Actress Jenna Coleman shows the wonders and excitement of getting everything that she’d ever wished for from her bottomless bag. She shares the joy of getting gifts with those she cares for. She gives her grandmother a bottle of her favorite perfume with a note that says “this is what love smells like.” Awwww!


Peloton – When Your Workout Is A Joy, It’s A Joy to Work Out

Peloton has received backlash for their past Christmas ad — dubbed as the Peloton Wife — so this is their do-over with a more humorous take. Brett Gelman appears as Scrooge who has been gifted a Peloton bike. As he begins to ride, he turns a new leaf through his workouts as they now include laughter, dancing, and good cheer. It’s so good that not even a Scrooge can resist. “When your workout is a joy, it’s a joy to work out.”


Esty – Give More Than A Gift

Esty pulls at the heartstring as they depict two unlikely strangers becoming friends. While their friendship was unexpected, it shows how powerful a helping hand is and how meaningful a gift can be. Love!


Aldi UK – A Christmas Carrot

You might recognize Kevin the Carrot, he’s back for another year in Aldi’s new Christmas ad. This year, he takes the grumpy Ebanana Scrooge on a journey through the wintry town to remind of the true meaning of Christmas. Many of his lessons include the sentiment of joy and goodwill. “For you to be happy, you need to be kind.” 


Macy’s – Tiptoe and the Flying Machine

A tiny blue reindeer named Tiptoe is on the verge of joining Santa’s sleigh team, but she’s a little nervous. Her North Pole friends quickly come up with a solution — a Flying Machine. While there is a slight hiccup mid-flight, all she has to do is believe! Soon she has the confidence and strength to lead Santa’s sleigh.


Closing Thoughts

Whether it’s giving an unexpected gift and lending a hand, these commercials will get you in the holiday feels — and makes us want to spread some cheer! Our team at Transformation Marketing wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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