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by | Jan 15, 2016

In this day and age, online marketing is a crucial part of any business strategy. Everywhere you turn, people are constantly on their phones, tablets or laptops. Some are holding conversations with friends or family, some are rushing to finish that report for work over their lunch break, and others are looking up the website or Facebook page of that business they saw on an ad in the newspaper.

There are many different tips to building an online presence. First, make sure you stay authentic. Always tell the truth. When people can see your successes, and even your failures, you build a connection and understand that you’re just a regular person, too.  Remember to not put yourself on a pedestal, make sure to balance your experience without seeming like you’re bragging. On your social media pages and website, make sure to include an “About Us” page that is personal, to make people feel like they can really get to know you. And, make sure to answer messages (both email and social media) when you have time. Remember to make things personal.

Another tip is to deliver valuable content, which can take time. Your business will grow if your content is practical and relatable. Research for good content takes time, and you shouldn’t lower your standards. To stand out, try to go over-the-top for your audience, as they will notice when you go the extra mile.

Next, don’t see members of your audience as dollar signs. As a business, the goal is to bring in income, but you shouldn’t make anyone feel bad by doing it. Most of the time, people know when they’re being viewed as a number, and it turns them away. Make sure you treat everyone with respect. If someone is trying to bring your company down, respond with grace.

According to entrepreneur.com, successful entrepreneurs have two goals: to create freedom in their lives and to make an impact on the lives of others. Once you’ve established an interactive and respectable online following, they will tell others, increasing the reach of your business and giving you the opportunity to make a greater impact.

Do you. You don’t want to follow what another company is doing because they’re successful, that may not be the right representation of your business. In order to build your business, develop and deliver value to help solve your audience’s biggest problems.

If you’re having difficulties with your online presence, give Transformation Marketing a call today! We’d love to help you bring your authentic presence to the fingertips of your audience.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

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