Book Review – Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

I love to invest in growing my knowledge base. I love to read business related books (wish I had more time for it). I just finished Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. I am a Dave Ramsey fan and was excited to read his book directed toward business leadership and company growth. Like most books I have read, many of the principles are things we have been taught or we have heard along the way. However, I believe that reviewing them never hurts and sometimes presented in a new way is beneficial. Dave also does a great job of relating the principles back to various points of his business and other businesses through his stories and analogies.

I have also come to learn that hearing a message at one point in your life may be filed in “that is good to know” category of my memory but the same message heard at a different point my be filed under “Isn’t that the truth, wished I wouldn’t have had to learn that the hard way” or “This is perfect advise for what I am going through now- this is helpful”.

This book touched on several aspects of business from planning, hiring, leading, compensation plans, contracts, and negotiations. Once done with the book, it turns you over to a website that has 3 more bonus chapters that didn’t make the book! One I found particularly interesting was one on marketing. I read through the chapter as Dave gave the start up entrepreneur advice on anything from website building, online marketing such as SEO and PPC, and traditional media and felt that, just as expected, it was very practical advice.

As I mentioned, I don’t have near the time I would like to read and feel that there are a lot of good resources out there to expand and build upon our strengths and I would like to pass a couple along to you. this is a super website! You pay to become a member but then you get to pick as many book summaries as you would like to read on various topics. You get a nice concise 5 page summary. If you like it you may want to read the entire book if you don’t- you saved yourself some money and time!

Manta- I know this is a business listing site but when you claim your profile you get frequent emails with bite sized pieces of information. This is a quick read and the topics are great.

As I said, there are  a lot to learn from but the point is never stop learning! Happy reading.

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