Far too many business owners use the same marketing materials from one season to the next. That’s a huge mistake. Marketing campaigns become stale, and that prevents brands from reaching their target markets. You can reach more people by following some fall advertising tips. These tips will help you stand out this autumn. 


Review Your Buyer Personas

The fall is a great time to review your buyer personas. Does your target customer have different wants and needs during the fall season? Make changes to your personas if necessary. This will allow you to speak directly to your target market with your marketing campaign.


Use Seasonally Relevant Images

Does your business still have a summer feel? If so, it’s time to change it up with fall images. Images like fall foliage perform well during these months. Show your audience that your advertising campaign was created for this specific season by using the right images. You can also add some seasonally relevant images to your website.


Take Advantage of Fall Activities and Events

Fall is full of activities and events that you can use to take your marketing campaign to the next level. Football season is one example. If your customers are football fans, you can incorporate the gridiron into your marketing campaign. Other examples include the World Series, professional basketball games, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Fill your calendar with all the special events and find ways to incorporate them into your ads.


Write Fall-Centric Blog Posts

Your blog is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Instead of writing general blog posts during the fall season, create posts that are about the season. You can write about special events and more. Tie your products or services into the blog posts, but don’t be overly promotional. Your blog posts should engage and educate your audience. Selling should be secondary.


Look for Seasonal Keywords

Your marketing campaign will use many of the same keywords throughout the year. However, there are seasonal keywords you can use during the fall months. These keywords will help you get on top of search trends. Use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for this fall. If a keyword or search term fits your brand, add it to your marketing arsenal.


Offer Specials on Summer Inventory

Do you have inventory that is meant for the warm summer months? You can boost your sales by holding a blow-out sale during the fall. Many people will buy summer items they can use next year if you offer a deal. This is a fast and easy way to generate sales with your fall marketing campaign.


Run a Fall Photo Contest

User-generated content can turn a bland marketing campaign into a compelling one. The fall months are a great time to run such a campaign. Invite your followers to post their favorite fall selfies on your social media channels. Have them include a tag that is related to your business. You can even turn it into a contest by giving a prize to one of the posters.   


Maintain Your Branding

You will try new things this fall. However, you must stay true to your brand. Go over your brand messaging before you begin marketing this fall. Create your marketing materials and make sure everything is in line with your brand. Then release your marketing materials and watch the results roll in.

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