4 mistakes businesses make when building a new website: Part III of III

by | May 20, 2019

Construction of Website. Labeled "Coming Soon. Illustration.This is blog 3 of our blog series “4 mistakes businesses make when building a new website”. Don’t miss the first part and second part of the series!

Usually, waiting is a good thing; waiting in line for your coffee, waiting in line at the midnight premiere of that movie you’ve been dying to see, waiting for the sunny, 80-degree weather to pull out your favorite cargo shorts (or maybe not), you get the point. However, sometimes, like in creating your new website, waiting isn’t the best idea. Our last two mistakes in this series cover when not to wait when you’re creating your new website.

Mistake Three: Waiting for Perfection

We have seen companies take years to launch a website, looking for perfection. Perfection is not a destination. Too many people (business owners AND web design firms) look at a website as a work of art, to be unleashed on the world at the pinnacle of perfection.

A website is like a car. When you go to purchase a car, you expect to make minor adjustments to it throughout its life; an oil change every 3,000 miles, replacing the battery, rotating your tires and checking alignment, etc. To keep your car safely on the road year after year, it has to be tweaked and maintained periodically.

Your website needs to be treated similarly. In 15 years of building websites, we have yet to launch a website that didn’t need tweaking along the way. Your website is a workhorse. Yes, you want it strong and healthy, like your car on the first day you bought it, but you need it to be out in the field cultivating. Like we said before, your website is not a “set it and forget it” part of your business.

Let’s look at Amazon, for example. Is Amazon’s website perfect? No. Is it beautiful? No. Is it elegant? No. Is it a workhorse? You’d better believe it.

Get your site working well, and then get it in the field. Your customers are going to tell you whether your site is perfect by doing (or not doing) whatever is it that you want them to do, then you can make adjustments accordingly.

Mistake 4: Waiting For The Google Magic

Just because you have built a new website does not mean Google will reward you with the #1 listing in every possible keyword, nor does it mean you will get showered with orders and gold coins. Building a website is like building a runway in the middle of the desert. Airlines won’t magically start selling tickets to the runway just because it is new; they must be told that the runway in the desert is a destination. The owner of the runway is much like you, as a website owner.

In less abstract terms, you need to do a lot of work (or hire someone) to tell Google why your website is the best search result for a query. Getting to the top of search results can take months, even years!

Do a search on Google for a keyword that you would like to be at the top of, and take note of who is at the top. What are they doing to be there? Do you think they will close up shop and ride out of town just because you launched a new website? They have taken the time to master the ins and outs of Google. Also, above the first listing, you will notice a number indicating all the results that qualify for the given query. It is amazing how much content is on the web, and your site competes with all of them.

There is no magic in Google, only algorithms.
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