4 mistakes businesses make when building a new website: Part II of III

by | May 15, 2019

Illustration. People constructing social media accountThis is blog 2 of our blog series “4 mistakes businesses make when building a new website”. Don’t miss the first part of the series!

Mistake Two: Hiring a Non-Professional

There is a never-ending list of cheap, un-qualified, non-professionals at your fingertips ready to build your website. While the people on this list may seem like the easiest to turn to for website creation, most of them will cost you in the end in money, lost time, or both.

We’ve compiled a list of people to avoid when looking to create a new website.


The first person to cross off this list is you. While companies like Wix, Square Space, and Go Daddy make it very tempting to build your own site with commercials saying things like, “It’s so simple anyone can do it”. These companies provide easy-to-use, appealing templates, but they do not provide you with the tools or knowledge to needed to have a great business website.

Here are some important things to think about that the templates don’t necessarily provide you:

  1. If you have a website that you’re replacing, is the old site being indexed by Google? What are the keywords? How are you going to keep and improve those search results when Google indexes your new website?
  2. Can you write professional, keyword rich content?
  3. What are the current behaviors of consumers that are going to your current site?
  4. If your new website is not providing the results you want, who is going to fix it?

We’ve all seen the aftermath of people that have fired their attorney to, instead, represent themselves in court, but I can’t tell you of one acquittal. Likewise, you can use a website builder, but unless you know the ins and outs of Google, it won’t be beneficial for your business.

The “Free” Website Builder

Building a website for free sounds great, right? There’s a catch. While these companies will build the site for free, they’ll charge $200 a month for hosting and maintenance. Typically, DIY websites cost you $7,200 over the course of a three-year contract. The scary part is that since the company didn’t charge you, you don’t own the website. Once you stop paying, your website disappears.

The “Really Handy With Computers” Person

This is usually the neighbor boy, your niece, Bob’s son, or Janice in Accounting that built a website for her wedding. The majority of the “I can do it” web builders are using an online cookie-cutter platform to build your site. Sadly, this person is even less qualified than you. At least you bring your company and product knowledge, company process, passion for what you do and are deeply vested in the success of your online presence.

(But, you’re off the list… remember?)

The Professional in Other Marketing Arenas

The next person is a professional, just not in website building. This person is a professional in other marketing areas such as: the phone book, radio stations, TV stations, the newspaper, etc. We’ve sat through countless meetings with this person wanting to build websites for our clients and even trying to convince us to outsource our online work to them. These people are a “higher level” of non-professional; their ultimate goal is to build a website where most of its traffic is from buying ads and sponsorships from their own website.

The Professional That Doesn’t Do SEO

The last person to cross of the list is the “professional” that doesn’t do search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of a website. Your website is not a “set it and forget it” part of your business. It needs to be out in the field cultivating, being tweaked constantly to stay relevant. One important way of kicking that off is not only laying out a page that will appeal to people but building the actual content that connects with consumers and satisfies search engines.

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