2018 Marketing Trends

by | Apr 16, 2018

Every year, businesses look at the latest marketing trends to ensure they’re learning the new methods and tools to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketing industry. Below are some of the latest marketing budget trends to look out for in 2018.


Video Content Is Here to Stay

Many businesses are discovering the power of video, and are implementing it into their marketing strategies. Not only is video more effective at engaging audiences, but the rate of people seeking out video content is soaring. YouTube alone gets billions of visitors each month. To remain competitive and maintain engagement and interest in the brand within target audiences, businesses will have to incorporate videos into their marketing strategies. It’s no longer just an option.

Fortunately, for businesses who have been on the fence about video due to cost concerns, many affordable, easy to use production tools have entered the scene.  They’re perfect for people with no prior videography experience.


Content Creation That Tells a Story

Another marketing trend that is constantly evolving is content creation. In 2018 we’re continuing to see content that tells a story. Taking the time to invest in story-centric content often yields better results because it’s more engaging and often garners an emotional response from customers. However, this type of content creation is typically more time consuming than traditional blog writing, so businesses who want to take advantage of this trend will have to factor extra writing costs into their budget.


Embracing Social Media

Businesses are expected to continue purchasing ad space, but many are experimenting more with the platforms on which they choose to publish their content. Social media allows businesses more control over content and how it’s promoted than if ad space were purchased on a website. As a result, more businesses are discovering the power behind custom-built audience groups and are learning how to better target certain content toward a given audience.


If your business is struggling to keep up with the latest marketing trends, let Transformation Marketing help. Our professional team is in the know about all things marketing. We use our knowledge to develop the best marketing plan for your business, often using a combination of trends and tried and true methods. Our goal is to help your business succeed!

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