5 Tips for Updating Your Website

by | Jun 3, 2019

Updating Your WebsitePractically every modern business has a website, but we have all experienced websites that leave much to be desired. If you are wondering about the best ways you can update your company site, here are 10 improvements you can start making right now.

1. View Your Site as a Visitor Would

This is really the only way to know how your site looks and feels to an outsider. Without this key step, you are unlikely to know what needs to be fixed or removed to improve user experience.

2. Build a Plan so That All Your Updates Work Together

Never begin randomly updating your website. The changes you make today might not be what you really need, so you might do twice the work later. Instead, make a log of the changes you would like. Go through everything on the site and note what does not work. Then, you can begin to plan different changes that work together to make your whole site better.

3. Refine Your Site Navigation

Many websites have far more complex navigation tools than are necessary. The simpler your website’s navigation is for a first-time user, the better. You never want customers to become confused trying to find a certain page or piece of information.

4. Let Your Homepage Shine

Do not be afraid to let your homepage show off your business, your latest projects, etc. Many people may only visit the homepage for an impression of your business. It is paramount that your homepage proudly displays achievements, ongoing work, and other information you would want customers to see before anything else.

5. Add a Blog and Update It Regularly

Blogs are for more than just talking about your business’s projects. Blogs are also an irreplaceable way to get feedback from customers and engage them in other topics they find interesting. Blogs are a powerful brand-building tool since they let customers get to know you and trust you over time. Ensure blog content is regularly updated and meaningful to your audience.

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