What’s New On YouTube?

by | Sep 12, 2022

video marketing campaign concept with social media team business marketing with modern style - vector illustrationYouTube remains the most popular video streaming platform to date. And like any app or program, it is constantly updated with new tools and features. 

Its design and layout might be the most noticeable change for most users, but YouTube has added some new functions and tools to its arsenal. These new features are not just for regular YouTube viewers; they are also for the benefit of content creators. 


TikTok’s rise to popularity during the pandemic was quite phenomenal. Short-form videos proved to be a great source of entertainment. Even Facebook and Instagram came up with Reels to accommodate this new form of content. 

Sure enough, YouTube did not pass up on this trend as well. The leading video streaming platform introduced Shorts in 2020 as an avenue for short-form video content. Like TikTok and Instagram Reels, users can upload videos to YouTube shorts using their smartphones. Videos can be 60 seconds long. Users can create a montage from multiple videos and add sounds, texts, and other effects. 


Video Chapters

If you’ve recently watched an hour-long video on YouTube and noticed timestamps, you have already introduced yourself to video chapters. 

Video chapters enable content creators to break down their videos into sections. With this, creators can easily highlight the important parts of their videos. This benefits the viewers as well. They can easily skip to the good part and not waste time manually scanning the video for the information they need. 

New Live Streaming Features

Through YouTube Live, content creators and event organizers can create more hype and interact with their audience in real time. 

Just last year, YouTube Giving was introduced. This feature enables viewers to donate to fundraisers and social causes. Donations are made through live chat, though viewers may also opt to donate directly on a creator’s video watch page. 

The following features are also expected to be added on YouTube Live this 2022:

  • Live Q&A Sessions: With this feature, content creators can create a prompt to elicit questions from their audience and provide answers in real time. 
  • Collaborative Live Streaming: Creators can invite guests to YouTube Live streams with this feature. To collaborate with another user, the host can send them a link to the stream. 
  • Cross-Channel Redirects: This feature will allow hosts to send their audience to another live stream by another creator.

Super Thanks

Similar to YouTube Giving, Super Thanks is a new feature through which users can donate money. Only this time, the money is going to the creators themselves. YouTube has enabled this feature on every monetized channel on its platform. It is a simple way for audiences to give tips or show support to their favorite videos and content creators.

Refined Search Filters

YouTube’s regular search tool may be quite functional, but users can now perform more specific searches with the platform’s advanced search filter option. So, aside from merely typing the video title or topic, users can narrow their search to only the most relevant videos.

Users can also choose the content type of the search – whether it should be a regular video, film, channel, or playlist. If you’re looking for shorts, you can filter the results by duration and reveal videos less than four minutes long. Looking for live videos on a particular event or topic is also easier with advanced search filters. Users can also opt to show HD, 4K, and 3D videos on their search.

Closing Thoughts

For content creators and businesses, these YouTube updates are not just about convenience. Rather, they offer a new window of opportunities – mainly to better connect to a wider audience and grow their channels. 

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