What are Some Great Topics for My Next Blog?

by | Sep 26, 2022

blog topicsEven before social media, blogging has been a staple in digital marketing. The moment you launch an online business or e-commerce site, every digital marketer will tell you to maintain a blog alongside it.

Through blogging, website owners can use the proper keywords to ensure that search engines like Google will understand what their page has to offer. If that is achieved, the search engine can help make sure the right people find the website. 

Setting up a blog is pretty easy. Creating content for the blog is another thing. The real challenge lies in growing, updating, and maintaining your blog. To successfully launch a blog, you need to create interesting content that piques the interest of your target market. Below are some great topics to start with.

Your Origin Story

Creating a blog is the best way to optimize your website for search engines, but that’s from a digital marketing standpoint. Blogs are primarily created to share information and stories. It is a great avenue to foster customer relationships. To get started, you need to introduce your business properly. Hence, you need to tell your origin story.

Your origin story will help customers know more about your company and what it stands for. People also love hearing a good story. Sharing the humble beginnings of your business and the inspiration behind your products is a great way to connect with your market on a more personal level.

How-To Guides

Many people turn to search engines for answers, and how-to guides can be extremely helpful. Writing how-to guides on your blog will allow you to feature your products and simultaneously provide customers with useful hacks and tips. 

Certain niches, however, would seem difficult for this type of content. Selling couches, for example, wouldn’t spark a lot of inspiration. The trick here is to move the spotlight away from your primary product and look at the bigger picture. People need a couch for their living room or entertainment room. With that knowledge, you can create relevant how-to guides such as:

  • How to redecorate your living room
  • How to set up a functional entertainment room
  • How to keep your living room couch clean
  • How to make your couch more inviting for guests


List articles or listicles are informative pieces that are easy to read because of their format. They are numbered, scannable, and easy to understand. Its list-based format makes them useful for customers who are looking for quick answers and tips. 

You don’t have to make long lists nor create a best of the best list with your business emerging as the top choice among major competitors. You can start by simply creating a list of the top five benefits of using your product. If you sell couches, like the example above, you can start with a listicle informing readers of the 10 signs that mean their couch needs replacing. 

Final Thoughts

These great blog starter topics will surely spark a conversation and ignite engagement for your business. Origin stories, how-to guides, and listicles are not just informative and educational, but they will also remain relevant for years. 

If you’re operating within a niche market that’s difficult to write about, consulting experienced digital marketing professionals can do wonders. Reach out to Transformation Marketing near Lincoln, NE, or call us at 402-788-2896!

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