Derek taking video of the bean logo

Derek Sasman, videographer and production editor, joined our team on October 8 and we have been thrilled with what he’s done in the short amount of time he’s been here so far.

Derek Sasman comes to us with 10 years experience in the videography field. With a degree in Broadcast Production from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Derek has multiple Nebraska Broadcast Awards and has even been honored with an Emmy nomination.

“I am excited to welcome Derek to the TM team. You will love to work with Derek as his talent is evident and his creative energy abundant. He is excited to meet with our clients and work with you on production, video and product photography projects. I encourage you to reach out to Derek and welcome to the bean team.” – Shannon Filing

A little more about Derek:
Most visited website: Facebook
Likes: Traveling the world (12 countries so far), Supporting local business, Working Out, Cooking, Gardening, and Playing with my kids
Dislikes: Tuna, Losing at fantasy football, and People who don’t watch Doctor Who
Quote to Live By: “Whatever you do, do it for the Lord and not for man, It’s Jesus Christ who you Serve” -Colossians 3:23

Other Random Fun Facts:
Hiked 12 miles on the great wall of China
Fed a live chicken to a tiger
almost died at a Lincoln Saltdogs game (i made the news!)
Had lunch with Grey’s Dr Dreamy while hiking Pikes Peak but didn’t know who he was
Had 18 shots on my hour of power on my 21st bday (puked most of it up)
Traveled for 63 hours (5 flights) to work in Bangladesh for a few weeks doing video production
Took 2.5 years to finish my 1 year bible
Delivered his daughter at homeā€¦ no midwives or nurses
Voted most talkative in highschool (class of 400+)
Scuba Dove with Reef Sharks in Belize
Went to Space came TWICE
Eagle Scout
Set my middle school push up record
Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

For more about Derek, visit his team bio.

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