TV Viewing is Changing

by | Feb 25, 2015

Most people think of TV viewing as watching programming on the TV screen. This is now changing as people are beginning to watch across multiple screens. Not only are they watching on other screens, but they are also participating in other activities while the television is on.


According to iMedia Connection, “Media multi-tasking is now routine and most adults (99%) conduct two or more media activities at the same time at some stage each week. On average, consumers cram 11 hours and 7 minutes of media activity into 8 hours 41 minutes per day, indicating a degree of overlap between activities.”


The problem with multitasking is keeping the attention of the viewer. If the audience is looking away during a commercial, they are not keeping their full attention on a commercial. This is pushing advertisers to find unique ways to keep the attention of the viewer.


One way of keeping the attention of the consumer is by TV syncing. This means that while an advertisement is playing on the TV, an online ad will be served on the second device to the viewer. The results for this syncing have led to an increase in the engagement from the audience interacting with two screens. “For one brand, this resulted in a 21% increase in brand trust and a 62% increase in consumers’ perception of the brand as ‘innovative'” – iMedia Connection.


With this brand trust, companies will be able to engage the viewer and have them interact with the brand. As this changes, advertisers will also begin to reach their specific audience by targeting them. They will want to keep their ads consistent throughout TV and online so that the viewer is receiving the same message. This integrated campaign will keep the audience engaged in a unified experience and will reach the correct audience. By reaching the correct audience, the brand will be boosted and the viewer will want to stay engaged.


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