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by | Jun 25, 2018

Utilizing hashtags is a great way for businesses and marketing professionals to drive more traffic to their websites. However, it’s important to know how to use hashtags. For starters, hashtags should always be relevant. The goal should always be to get your audience to begin using them in their personal social media posts, as well. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags or just don’t know which ones to use, check out the list below for 10 popular hashtags all marketing professionals should be using.


One of the most popular hashtags being used today, #mobile is mentioned in tweets hundreds of times per hour. Why? Well, we live in a digital age where many people spend their days connected to some type of mobile device. That means businesses are having to offer mobile capabilities. One easy way businesses can advertise their mobile capabilities is adding the #mobile hashtag to their social media platforms.


One of the most obvious hashtags on the list is #marketing. It’s so popular that it’s used by thousands of people in their social media posts every hour and is often used by marketing agencies of all sizes.


Another widely popular hashtag is #socialmedia. When businesses use this hashtag, they’re alerting their customer base that they’re dedicated to staying relevant and have an online presence via various social media platforms. Using the hashtag is also effective at attracting social media users.


There are many startup businesses across the country, and because of that, #startup has grown in popularity over the years. It’s a good hashtag to use when or if your target audience includes startups.


The #business hashtag has respectable numbers and is used on a regular basis by many people across various social media platforms. Typically, it’s used to attract crowds looking for business advice and information on the latest news and trends in business.


A commonly used hashtag among business professionals and salespeople, #sales is used by many in the industry to find helpful information, tips, and tricks of the trade to help improve their own sales process.


E-commerce is all the rage right now, and rightly so. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of shopping from the comfort of their home? That’s why the #ecommerce hashtag is so popular today, especially among businesses and individuals trying to learn more about how to succeed in the e-commerce arena.


In the business and marketing world, people are always striving to become better leaders, which is why the #leadership hashtag is so popular. People usually follow this hashtag to keep up with the latest news, trends, and advice on how to become better leaders.


The #entrepreneurs hashtag is popular among people looking for information on how to run their own small businesses.


For anyone passionate about keeping tabs on the status of the economy, the #economy hashtag is a good source of information. Not only does it offer access to the latest economic news, but followers can find information about economic threats, latest trends, and how changes in the business world will affect various industries. With such a wealth of information, it’s no wonder that many CEOs and business leaders follow the #economy hashtag.

Do you use any of these hashtags on a regular basis? What would you add to this list?

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