Meet our Director of Online Marketing!

From starting out as TM’s Social Media Coordinator to my new title and responsibilities as TM’s Director of Online Marketing, a year and a half with this amazing company has left me nothing short than new opportunities to continue my growth. There are so many cool and interesting aspects when it comes to social media leaving my day-to-day job exciting and on my toes.

My Duties:

I am the Director of Online Marketing at TM. My job, essentially, is to oversee, create and manage all areas of online. I write and manage social posts, online campaigns for Google AdWords, and monitor discussions and comments posted online for or about our clients.

Past Experience That Led You To Transformation Marketing:

I’ve been at TM for about a year and a half. I started as the social media coordinator, and in August of 2017 moved to my current position! Before joining the team, I held a social media internship with Hurrdat, worked part-time as an engagement editor for the Daily Nebraskan (UNL’s newspaper), and was a barista at NuVibe Juice & Java. I think each and every job I’ve had has helped me in my professional career as well as life in general.

3 Words That Define Me:

Curious, ambitious, organized

Hobbies Outside Of Work: 

Cooking! I feel like I’m always doing some kind of cooking in my free time. And I just started getting into running – maybe if I write it down somewhere I’ll be forced to stick to it. 😉

Favorite Apps:

AHH! I’d like to think I could live without my phone/the internet, but I doubt I’ll ever have to. Do streaming services count? I’d have to say Instagram and YouTube are my favorite apps right now. Spotify, too.

Quote To Live By: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”



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