Meet our boss lady, the founder of Transformation Marketing!

I am the founder of Transformation Marketing. My story began with Transformation Marketing 15 years ago in the basement of my house as I decided to leave my management job of two Lincoln banks and follow my dream of creating a marketing agency with my husband, Travis. Lots of growth within Transformation Marketing has happened within past 15 years, and I can’t wait to watch where not only our team heads but also the growth in our clients over the years to come.

My Duties:

I track the company numbers and make sure we are hitting our goals and metrics. By doing this, we will remain profitable and able to achieve our big goals. Although this helps us have a strong and vibrant company I like the end goal of all that- to create a place where individuals can grow and advance. That drives a lot of what I do. I also manage the sales team and process. I track opportunities and find solutions for how our services can fit in with our prospects objectives. I meet with vendor partners to maintain healthy relationships with them. I create and drive our marketing efforts. I support recruitment as it relates to company growth.

Past Experience That Led You To Transformation Marketing: 

I was a bank manager in my previous career and a mom. Initially, when I started the company, I used my management skills to effectively manage the many outsourced partners we had used in the beginning before we were able to bring all our services in house. While in banking I had experience managing a team and hiring talented people and I believe that was an essential skill I used early as well as through the entire history of TM. It is all about people- clients, team, and vendors. I not so jokingly say my role as a mom has proven to be very helpful. I say that because rarely do I find people who are moms not able to juggle a full plate and execute a day with as much accomplishment as a mom. I believe I have those same attributes of being able to capitalize my time and get a lot done. In the beginning, being a team of one and then for several years a team of 2-3 there is a lot of demands on your time and I am able to balance that (most of the time). Also dealing with kids is a lot of trying to uncover the “unsaid.” With kids, they sometimes can’t tell you what they are feeling or what they need. Similar to working with potential clients, I have found that through asking a lot of questions helps me get answers to what a prospect may not know how to convey.

One thing that isn’t necessarily a bullet point a job description is being a self-learner. I love to learn new things. When starting this company, I learned how exhilarating it is to learn every day. I make it a point to seek out avenues to accelerate my learning curve anytime I can. Over the years, I have worked with amazing mentors and coaches and find accomplished business professionals to learn from their knowledge and experience. This makes me a better leader in my company as well as better business women.
3 Words That Define Me:

Whew! This one is always a hard one to answer about yourself. I always like to see how others see me and make sure to grow in those areas to continue to offer value attributes to those around me. If I had to choose only 3 what comes to mind is determined, approachable, achiever.

Hobbies Outside Of Work:

I love to travel with my family. I usually prefer to go somewhere warm but any time away with them is great. I work a lot of hours and hold a pretty hectic schedule so I treasure the time we have when we travel since it is the main time I can relax. I also like to craft with my daughter though I don’t have near enough time to do much of it.

Favorite Apps:

Facebook, Pinterest, Weather and Google Maps

Quote To Live By: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”- Karim Seddiki


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