The Value of Video in Marketing

by | Apr 23, 2018

video marketingIn this digital age, businesses have begun to rely heavily on the power of video to gain the attention of current and prospective customers. Let’s face it, customers today prefer visual over written content and are more likely to sit through a video presentation than read a lengthy article. That said, we’re reaching a point where it’s imperative for businesses to begin incorporating video into their digital marketing strategies. Those who don’t will likely be left behind.


Why Is Video Content Popular?

A quality video is engaging and has the unique ability to make content easier and more enjoyable to digest. Studies show that if consumers aren’t hooked by something right away, they will likely move on. This means that videos have the ability to be the ultimate tool in a marketing campaign.


Video Has a Wider Reach

Because people are beginning to prefer videos over other types of content, it’s not difficult to see how it can have a broader reach. We’ve all heard of videos going viral and have witnessed what that kind of attention can do for an individual or business in terms of recognition and brand awareness. Then there’s YouTube, a social media platform that receives billions of visitors each month. Many videos on YouTube are created by businesses and entrepreneurs in an effort to get their message and products in front of new and existing customers. If that’s not proof that video as a marketing tool is here to stay, I don’t know what is.


Video Costs Are Becoming More Affordable

In the rapidly changing era of digital marketing, businesses no longer have to spend large sums of money to produce professional quality videos. There are now many user-friendly video creation programs on the market that are designed to be used by people with little videography experience. This means businesses can churn out captivating videos without having to blow their marketing budget.

For businesses to utilize video to the fullest potential, it’s important to understand the intended audience and what type of content is relevant to them. Also, once you do have a quality video at your disposal, don’t be shy about sharing it across social media platforms. Since more people utilize mobile devices to surf the web and view videos than ever before, it’s also important that any video you upload is capable of playing on mobile devices. By learning how to harness the power of video, your business will be well on its way to embracing the future of the content marketing industry.

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