The Top 5 LinkedIn Updates You Should Take Advantage Of

by | Jan 18, 2023

LinkedIn has come a long way. To become the best platform for job hunters and recruiters, it’s constantly releasing new tools and features. These upgrades help users widen their network and give a lasting first impression. However, newcomers might find it all too overwhelming.

If you want to create a strong presence on LinkedIn, here’s a guide to the updates on the platform so you can take advantage of them. With various upgrades this year alone, you can focus on these top five.

Cover Stories

With LinkedIn’s cover stories feature, you need not be face-to-face with a person to make a first impression. This feature is a 20-second in-built video that lets you introduce yourself to your audience, including potential employers. When you post a cover story, your profile photo will have an orange ring around it.

The video will play silently within the frame whenever someone visits your profile. A user can view the entire video by tapping the thumbnail. It’s short, but you can make the most of it by showcasing your personality and skills and talking briefly about your career goals.

Live Videos

Videos are currently the most successful format on all social media platforms, with LinkedIn joining the trend. You can now broadcast a live feed from your event, page, or profile. It’s a great way to announce an update, feature an event, or give your audience behind-the-scenes footage. However, you need to meet three requirements to use this feature.

The first is you need to have at least 150 connections or followers. You should also have recently posted content to your profile or page, whether an image, video, text, or article. Lastly, your LinkedIn record should show that you’ve never violated the Professional Community Policies.

Creator Mode

Creators can showcase their skills on LinkedIn by turning on Creator Mode, which allows you to post engaging and informative content directly on the platform and grow your audience. In addition, you get to use creator tools like Newsletter and Live and gain access to creator analytics. Your “Connect” button will also turn into a “Follow” button.

LinkedIn highlights all of the original content you post on your page. However, videos usually gain the most attention. It’s worth exploring this format if you want to maximize your reach on the platform and drive engagement.


The new Polls feature on LinkedIn is similar to Instagram’s. You post a question, and your audience can choose between two to four answers. It’s an effective way to gain insights into your

industry, especially since you’re reaching out to experts and professionals. You can also use it to know more about your audience, including their likes and dislikes.

Once you post your poll, it will stay active for 24 hours. Keep your questions concise and limit your poll frequency to once a day to encourage more participation.

“Hiring” and “Open to Work” Tags

LinkedIn may have evolved dramatically, but its primary function is still to connect recruiters and job seekers. Thanks to the new “Hiring” and “Open to Work” tags, it’s much easier to identify potential employers and employees.

These tags appear as a frame around your profile photo so they can be spotted quickly by the right people. Use this feature only if you’re serious about finding a new job. And ideally, when you’ve already informed your employer of your decision.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn holds countless possibilities for networking. You can find even more success on the platform if you know how to use its latest features. For more information, you can contact Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.

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