The Importance of Great Design

by | Feb 20, 2015

great graphic designAt Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, our goal is to help your business reach its full potential. In addition to stellar advertising and innovative social media campaigns, we know that the best way to get people buzzing about your business is with quality design for your websites, logo, and print pieces. Read on to learn more about the importance of GREAT design in your marketing campaign.

Great Design Establishes a Brand
When customers become familiar with your company through professionally designed logos, websites, ads, and other pieces, it establishes you as a legitimate brand in their minds.

Great Design Sends a Message
Above all else, the message you are trying to send to your customers is the most important element a designer has to work with. Professionally designed marketing pieces can be the best way to get your message across.

Great Design Gets you Noticed
There’s a lot of competition out there and sometimes it can be impossible to get noticed when there are multiple companies fighting for the same audience’s attention. This is where great design can help set you apart from the rest.


Elements of Graphic Design

1. Message
This is the content of the design – whether it’s implied or plainly written, the message is the most important part of a design. Good designs make sure the message is clear and easily understood. To put it simply, the design is the art of communicating a message visually.

2. Layout
Layout has to do with the arrangement of various pieces of a design. The position, size, and proximity of design elements can make a huge difference in how the design is viewed by your customers. Hierarchy does this through a single dominant element, followed by the remaining elements to guide viewers through the design.

3. Typography
In design, the arrangement of text is called typography. Proper typography takes time, effort, and attention to detail. A few subtle changes can make a huge impact on text. Inconsistent spacy and stretched characters can make type look funny or hard to read. At Transformation Marketing, we’re trained to spot these typographical errors and make sure your design is clean and professional.

4. Color
The definition of color is self-explanatory, but you might be surprised to learn how important color is to customers’ perception of your business. In fact, color can result in up to an 80% change in buying habits.

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