DSLRs: The Game Changer

by | Mar 16, 2016

DSLRs completely changed the face of photography. Taking a medium that required expensive film and a time consuming print process and turning it into a massive consumer market. Where we once had to have a dark room or take our film to another company for developing, we can now just plug our camera into our computer and achieve photos with the same definition and detail as film. Every year the technology and the quality gets better and better.

DSLRs are more than photography

DSLRs have changed the way we do video as well. It took longer than the transition for photographers, but DSLRs have been beefed up to be as good as, if not better than, professional camcorders on the market today. The compact size coupled with more options for achieving contrast and depth make DSLR’s the future (if not already the present) of videography.

The latest models that are coming onto the market have built-in 4K capability. Just two years ago, this advancement seemed impossible. 4K footage creates incredibly large files, and before, the only way to record these types of files was through the use of external hard drives. The technology has now caught up as well. Innovations in memory card technology now give us the ability to record directly to them, keeping the compact and convenient nature of the DSLR in tact, while also giving us near cinema film quality. It’s a great time to be a videographer and we can only imagine it will continue to get better.

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