Shingerview: Jeff Berman

by | Feb 18, 2015

In this Shingerview, Shingy talks with Jeff Berman, President of BermanBraun. BermanBraun, currently known as Whalerock Industries, is known for content development and media for consumers. Jeff discusses the need for good content to please the consumer.


“Test, Measure, Optimize.” This is what Jeff Berman, says about content. He repeats it again to show just how important this process really is. This is the order in which one should look at creating content. To begin, one needs to test their ideas. After this, measure the data and see what worked. From the data, optimize and use content that pleases and entertains the consumers, so they keep returning for more.


Today, consumers are all over the place, and this is why content creation needs to be a process. Just guessing at what consumers will like or respond to will never work. One thing that surprises Berman most is, “These big ossified companies still don’t change fast enough. We live in a world where you can experiment and look at the data and see what is working, double down on what works, and ditch what doesn’t.” He continues to talk about how companies will waste time using content that will never work. He makes an analogy to fishing, and how it is a waste of time and resources ‘casting lines’ into waters where there just aren’t going to be fish. You’ll never catch anything working that way.


Another thing he talks about is having a thesis to test. This is a good start, but a company also needs data that can be measured to support the thesis – instead of simply guessing. By testing this and using the data, the optimal content will come out of it. Test. Measure. Optimize.


“Storytelling is literally changing daily.” Jeff discusses how the art of storytelling is now across multiple platforms making content a very good business to be in. The way a story was told used to be by word of mouth and reading. Now this can be told through digital mediums and across many different types of digital and interactive forums. This gives many different ways to engage people, and explains why it is so important to have the right content for consumers.


Here at Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, we are a full service agency. We can create the right content to reach your target audience. Whether you need a video produced or web content creation, we make sure your brand stays consistent across all platforms and that all content is generated to reach your maximum number of consumer base.

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