It’s that time of year when everyone is getting their New Years Resolutions together. So, we asked the team at Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska what their Resolutions for 2015 were. Here is what a few of us said:

Scott Lemon:
I’ve already implemented my New Year’s resolution. I’m more concerned with ‘small things’. A kind and sincere word when it’s not expected, half a minute just looking at the sky and breathing fresh air before going inside, reminding myself that if my life were to end today, I have been blessed beyond words.

Lacy Jo Donald:
Much like Scott, I’ve already begun on my New Year’s Resolution for 2015. For 2014, I had all these high hopes for everything I was going to accomplish: read 11+ books, study every week, work out more, journal every day, and spend more time with my family, all while having a baby as well. What I learned from this year is that it’s important to stop and enjoy your life right now. Right at this moment. So, I finally picked up the book “Hands Free Mama” that I downloaded on my iPhone last year (ironic, I know) and am working on focusing on the “now” and less on the “to do”, not to mention let go of my technology addiction just a little. (Not too much, though. It is my job after all.) I still plan to continue to learn and read and set goals for myself, but not so much so that I loose sight of what’s truly important.

David Hefley:
New Year’s resolutions are always tough – I don’t generally have one; if you want to do something, why wait until some specific day of the year?  But, if I had to pick a New Year’s resolution, it would probably be to try to eat a little better…

Shannon Filing:
I know this is similar to every year but I still continue to learn more in order to lead better and grow our business as well as our team. I feel year after year this is achieved but I also know that there is never an end with these types of goals so I will continue to be dedicated to that each year. I also know that a goal just to have a goal without measurements is not a goal so each year I also find better and different ways to measure this improvement.

April Kester:
This is always a tough one for me. However, I think this year my New Year’s Resolution is going to be focused around family. I have a wonderful husband, amazing children, and a ton of extended family that are all close by. So, instead of working my tail off ALL the time, my goal is to spend more time with them. I have a son who loves to write and a daughter who’s become quite enamored with photography – both of which are huge passions of mine and things that I can now share with each of them.

Heather Husen:
Floss more.

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