There’s a reason why video content is on the rise. Not only has technology made capturing beautiful, quality images cheaper, video is a form of media that’s proven to engage your customers. It’s is a way to reach out and advertise what you’re selling while simultaneously expressing your brand’s identity and soul.


Filmmaking has really changed in the last couple of decades. Before, there was a huge difference in the quality of a picture between a videographer and a cinematographer. Technology has made the creation of professional images—limited once by only people who could afford film—available to the video market. This has allowed video producers to create high-quality content for their customer’s websites (and television too) without the huge expenses that have been historically associated with video. This is a huge, folks, because the quality of the content is really what makes or breaks video in advertising.


Video helps website SEO and increases visibility by as much as 53 times on Google search engines. Yes, people enjoy watching videos, but what they might love more is sharing those videos with their friends, which increases brand visibility. Customers want to feel engaged, and visual media, like video, is more interesting than other types of traditional content. When a viewer sees a video about a product or service, they’ll stick around longer (an average of 2 minutes longer), are more apt to look for more information about the product, and are more likely to eventually make a purchase.


Bottom line, expressing your brand through video and creating content that people can relate to are two important ways to keep your customers engaged. We’ll talk about just how we can do that in my next blog.



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