Pick me I`m popular stickers in form of speech bubbles.

GIFs are animated graphics that are able to be shared across social media platforms. They are quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable ways to convey feelings to others through video. They have grown in popularity so much, that there are entire websites solely dedicated to offering vast arrays of GIFs to the public. One of those websites is Giphy, which estimates that nearly 2 billion GIFs are shared across channels every single day. So what are some of the most popular GIFs?

Flash the Sloth from “Zootopia”

With more than 425 million views and counting, the GIF depicting the loveable sloth from the children’s animated movie “Zootopia” quickly became a favorite among GIF enthusiasts for its humorous depiction of joy.




Love Gnome

Created by Anna Hrachovec in 2016, Love Gnome has garnered more than 340 million views online. The heartwarming GIF features a tiny little gnome in a red hat knitting hearts and releasing them into the air, one by one. The Brooklyn-based graphic artist decided to create the GIF in response to all the negativity surrounding the 2016 election as a message of love. It didn’t take long for the sweet GIF to go viral.






White Guy Blinking

After attracting more than 266 million views and counting, a humorous GIF of video game podcaster Drew Scanlon blinking repeatedly was one of the most viewed GIF in 2017.








Excited Jonah Hill

Who doesn’t like a good Jonah Hill GIF? With millions of views and shares across social media channels, this popular meme actually depicts a scene from the actor’s 2010 film, “Get Him to the Greek.”






The Fall Out Boy Llama

With more than 197 million views on social media, the band Fall Out Boy created this particular GIF as part of its collection of reaction GIFs. The llama GIF features a llama humorously dancing to the band’s “The Last of the Real Ones” song and likely garnered many chuckles from viewers.



DNCE’s Waving Pug

No GIF list is complete without cute animals. This behind-the-scenes GIF from DNCE’s “Kissing Strangers” music video perfectly combines form (a cute pug) with function (is there any better way to say ‘hello’?). Users agreed — to the tune of 215 million views.



These are only a few of the most popular GIFs on the web. What’s your favorite?

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