Marketing Never Takes Vacations

by | Feb 24, 2019

the world doesn't take vacatiosn

There’s no doubt that marketing is a fast-paced industry with tremendous amounts of creative strategy and data to keep up with. But the nature of the industry can be exhausting. Marketers will inevitably experience a period in their career, or even each year, where they feel bogged down, no matter how bullish the marketer is. But they should refrain from pulling back on their marketing efforts.

We can all use a vacation from time to time, but marketers should never take periods of mental vacations while they’re in the office. Here’s why, along with some other areas you can improve on when marketing exhaustion sets in.


The world keeps going, even when you take a break.

While you’re taking it easy for a few weeks, the world and your competitors are still moving forward. Sure, there is a huge difference between a vacation and coasting for a few weeks, a vacation is necessary to recharge oneself. But if you’re in the office, coasting will lead to falling behind.

Marketing reminds people of who you are.

Consistent marketing ensures your business stays on peoples’ minds. People will simply replace your business with a competitor when you take a break. Consistent marketing efforts remind them that your business is still thriving and holds a voice in the industry.

Market to current clients.

Even though they have your business, do clients have your entire business? For instance, maybe they are not enrolled in the full package your company offers but would benefit from additional services. Maybe they purchased package A but forgot what package B includes and are outsourcing a service your company provides. This is terrible for both parties, as it takes away from your business and the client likely pays more for the service.

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Mix it up.

Sticking to cozy marketing strategies causes stagnation. Sure, your business likely has a few tried and true practices, but marketing changes rapidly! Eventually, those tried and true strategies will fade and new ones must be pioneered. Even when popular strategies work, marketers must not temper their relentlessness. Experiment with different target audiences, demographics, marketing language, and mediums to find what new strategies stick. Plus, it never hurts to add a new strategy to your company’s marketing arsenal.

Stop waiting for your big break.

The idea of a “big break” is a myth most people never find. Instead, successful people maximize their opportunities by doing what they can on a day-to-day basis. It always helps to have something fall in your direction, but maximizing your efforts will only ensure you’re fully prepared to capitalize if that big break ever comes.

Update your website/SEO.

As marketers know, marketing also applies to a company’s website, I.e. the website’s user-friendliness, content, and SEO. There is always room for improvement on the website—plug-ins and code are constantly updated and Google standards are constantly changing to benefit users. Keep up with these changes and improve your website so it ranks at the top of search engine search queries.

Never take a break from learning.

This idea applies to every career. Success cannot occur without a commitment to life-long learning. Even the most successful marketer cannot fully predict the industry’s future. You can only respond to consumer and market feedback.

Try, refine, try again, repeat.

It’s incredibly rare to find tremendous success on the first try; even Edison tried hundreds of different methods when inventing the light bulb. The same applies to marketers. Marketing strategies are perfected through repetition and refinement. Marketers should aim to get their 10,000 hours by learning from their mistakes, feedback, and improving their skill set. Stay conscious and objective on your marketing efforts and watch your business thrive.

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