There are quite a few services offered for uploading and sharing videos online today. YouTube was the first one to do this on a massive scale and has since become the number one name in video hosting, but some have worries that it’s so over-saturated that their videos will get lost in the online-fray and that YouTube doesn’t have the same speed and quality as some other services.

Vimeo, Vidyard, streaming directly from the website server—all of these options are available for posting videos online, but not necessarily better. When Vimeo first came out, it boasted better quality and streaming capabilities than YouTube, which is why many video producers made the switch. As time has gone on, YouTube has caught up with if not surpassed Vimeo in it’s streaming capabilities, not to mention there’s no uploading limits or fees associated with YouTube.

Then there’s search. No video service even comes close to matching YouTube when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. As Google, the masters of search, own YouTube, it makes sense that YouTube has the best representation when it comes to search engines. You put all of this time and money into creating a fantastic and engaging video, then place it on a service like Vidyard where no one can find it unless they’re already there? That doesn’t make sense. As long as YouTube is the number one service, top in quality with the best search representation, you should be using it. If something comes along that’s better, then use that, but right now, it’s YouTube.

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