Jessica’s Year in Review — Year Two

by | Jun 12, 2022


Jessica’s work anniversary will be here before we know it! Jessica has been a valuable team member and a great resource to her clients. We asked her to reflect on her time at TM and pick out a few highlights from this year. Here’s her year in review for year two!

Jessica’s Year in Review

Her favorite projects from this year?

  • Jessica is our go-to for video work! Over the last two years, she’s honed in on her filming and editing skills, which has been a huge help to our team. Luckily, she loves working on video projects — a couple of her favorites are the promo videos for The Cabin and GE Landscape Supply! 

New skills or programs she’s learned this year?

  • As we mentioned, Jessica’s been really honing in on video! She has learned a lot about Premiere Pro and has found new ways to edit videos more efficiently and better than before. In particular, she has learned how to use After Effects to make graphics to add to finished video products.

Her favorite social media apps or trends? 

  • In addition to video, she’s a social media whiz! If she had to pick her favorite social media apps, TikTok and Instagram would be on top. She has really enjoyed the short-form video trend that is being seen across social media as well. It is a great way to have a new and unique view of brands, companies, and influencers.

Where has she drawn creative inspiration from recently? 

  • As marketers, we’re always thinking of new ideas and drawing inspiration from what surrounds us. For Jessica, she has been drawing inspiration from various relevant Instagrammers. From these accounts, she’s learning how to creatively create reels for clients and establish a certain brand tone across the board. All in all, she knows the importance of paying attention to trendy accounts and seeing what performs well across other social media accounts.

Her favorite memory from this year?

  • Being such a small team, some of her best memories at TM come from getting to know her coworkers. Recently, she commandeered Kate for filming at The Cabin, which turned out to be a fun project to collaborate on! 

Here’s what her bosses have to say about her:

Jessica is a pleasure to work with! Her dedication both to the TM team as well as our clients is one of her strongest attributes. She is willing to learn any skill that will benefit others. In her time here, I have enjoyed watching her grow and serve our clients. We are blessed to have Jessica here at Transformation Marketing!” – Shannon Filing, President

“Jessica is a great addition to the TM team! She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and always gives 110% on every project she is a part of. Jessica is an integral part of Transformation Marketing and I’m so incredibly happy to have her here!” – April Kester, Director of Operations

jessica working

Thank You, Jessica!

As Jessica wraps up her second year, we just want to give her a big shout-out! We thank her for all of her creativity, hard work, and dedication. From all of us at TM, congrats on two years!

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